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Intramural Sports

One of the main objectives of the Middle School Intramurals is to provide every student with the opportunity to play and enjoy friendly activity under the supervision of certified staff. While the main focus is recreational, participants may practice game skills learned in physical education class. Activities which are not offered in regular physical education class are also available. These offerings run for approximately 8 weeks as interest and participation dictate. All equipment is provided for the students and there is no cost to participate.

Fall Intramurals
(Monday, September 9th - Friday, November 8th)
 (2:50 - 3:55pm)
(subject to change)

Mondays:  Fitness Center and Touch Football
(Flag football will change to Whiffle in the gym on rainy days.)​​​​
(No Whiffle on Oct. 14th & 28th if it is raining.)

Tuesdays: Indoor Soccer and Tennis 
(Tennis will change to Ping Pong in the small cafe on rainy days)
(no Indoor Soccer on Sept. 17 & 24th and Oct. 29th)

Thursdays: Floor Hockey and Tennis
(No Floor Hockey on Oct. 17th)

Fridays: Basketball
(no Basketball on Oct. 25th)

*All intramurals will initially meet on the boy’s side of the gym for attendance and to meet the teacher in charge.  Students must have a pass from a teacher if entering intramurals from 2:55 PM through 3:05 PM. No students will be admitted into intramurals after 3:05 PM, as teams will be formed and games will begin at this time.  Intramurals will end at 4:00PM and the late busses will leave at 4:10pm. 

  • Students should plan to stay for the entire duration.
  • Bad sportsmanship/behavior will not be tolerated and repeat offenders will not be allowed back.