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The EMS PTA sponsors schools assemblies, workshops and events presented by experts in their fields, such as writers, performers, artists, and business professionals to support the curriculum and learning taking place in the classroom.

Thanks to your generous PTA contributions, students enjoy a variety of educational programs designed to complement their curriculum. Working closely with the teaching teams and principals, the Curriculum Enrichment committee strives to provide diverse and enriching enhancements to the classroom education.

For more information please contact Eastern's VP of Education.

Previous Programs



Greenwich Reads Presentation - Greenwich Reads Together is a community-wide reading experience which seeks to engage all of Greenwich in exploring a single book, and through reading and discussion to build community connections. This years selection is Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel who will present to students at GHS on Oct 26. Students will participate on October 26 & 27, 2016
(Select 7th and 8th grade students)


Simple Machines - Through classroom instruction, the Bruce Museum brings the concept of simple machines to the bones, tissues and organs of the human body. This program allows students to make connections between the physical and the conceptual. Examples of how different animals have adapted the same basic elements in different ways to survive will give students a chance to analyze multiple solutions to similar problems, think conceptually and to put their understanding of simple machines into action. November 7, 10 and 11 (7th Grade)


Chamber Theater Performance - Performance of ENCORE!! which highlights the versatility of five great authors: Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, W.W. Jacobs, Guy de Maupassant and Mark Twain. Their timeless glimpses into the human experience are brought to life on the stage. December 7 (7th grade)


Dr Michael Fowlin presents “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me” – A talented theatrical performer with a doctorate in clinical psychology, Dr Fowlin takes the audience on an experiential journey, having them re-examine core precepts taught to us as early as 1st grade. He uses many of his gifts – humor, performance art, poetry, storytelling, psychology, theatrical homologue, and his personal journey – to create a moving experience for all. Dr Fowlin’s mission is to create an atmosphere of worldwide inclusion, not just tolerance, towards all people. March 29 (7th and 8th Grade) and March 28 (Parent Presentation)

  • 7th grade will attend Dr Fowlin’s “You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me” performance.
  • 8th grade, who attended his 7th grade presentation last year, will attend Dr Fowlin’s follow-up performance titled “I Am Not The Enemy.”
  • Parent Presentation and Question and Answer opportunity, more information to be announced


Judith Altman, Holocaust Survivor - Mrs. Altmann shares her experiences of living in and surviving the Holocaust. May 2 (8th grade)

Alvin Ailey Arts in Education - A percussion lecture-demonstration that introduces rhythm and movement using percussion instruments. Students learn about the basic rhythmic structure of indigenous music and the cultures that create it. This is an interactive presentation in which students are invited on stage to sample dance styles. May 19 (7th Grade)

Shakesperience Productions: A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Shakesperience’s performing artists bring to life their rendition of Shakespeare’s play. Puck prevails over this world, fairly coaxing, dancing, and forcing us through it, highlighting the pulse of life, the joy and trials of living, and the conflicts between head and heart. This program is in support of the 6th grade interactive workshops. May 30 (6th grade)

Shakesperience Interactive Workshops - These workshops lead the students through Shakespeare's language and times, literary devices, and universally themed scenes featuring student performers. This unique format permits the celebration of the spoken language and empowers students with confidence and public speaking skills. May 31 & June 1 (6th grade)

Poets in Residence - Poets and educators, Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger, inspire students with practical, interactive showcases of performance poetry. Through workshops they teach students how to use poetry as a tool for analysis and improving literacy skills. May 10-12 (6th grade) TBD


Coastal Ecology - Through classroom workshops, the Bruce Museum teaches students about the interconnection between multiple species and their environment. Learning about the food chain and then meeting the animals that are part of that chain will enable students to think environmentally on the micro and macro scale. The focus will be on building students’ understanding of filter feeders, unlikely predators, and some of the basics of invertebrate body plans. TBD (6th Grade)

Physics of Flight - Through classroom workshops, the Bruce Museum brings the science of birds and the maths applied to flying. They will explore how angles, geometry, physics and shapes of wings and all effect the height and distance of flying. TBD (8th Grade)