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Office Reminders for Parents

Please call the office at 203-637-1744 by 8:00 am to report your child's absence. Non-medical extended absences of more than three days require an extended absence form from the main office. Teachers are not responsible for preparing student work under this condition; completion required upon return to school with teacher supervision. It remains the student's responsibility to inform teachers of their absences and meet with them upon their return regarding make-up work.

Early Dismissal - Personal Reasons
If you need to pick your child up early, please send a note with them to the main office in the morning.

Dismissals or bus passes are by note only, no voice messages please. Please do not leave early dismissal messages on the attendance voicemail. It is understandable that last minute appointments cannot be avoided, however the main office tries as much as possible not to disrupt the classrooms. Emergencies excepted of course.


From the Nurse's Office
EMS Nurse's Office
The Flu: A Guide for Parents
(from the U.S. Center for Disease Control)
Greenwich Public Schools: Guideline for Illness


Problems with Aspen:
Parents who need assistance with Aspen login (usernames or passwords) must contact the district IT team by email only. Additional information on using Aspen is available on the Parent Portal page on the GPS website.

Email a request for a new password at: