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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Dr. Jill Gildea with a female student

It is a treat to be a part of the Greenwich community during the beautiful spring season - flowers are in bloom, trees are budding, and we are enjoying days of sunshine!

As we transition to this beautiful spring season and to the end of what has truly been an incredible school year, please take a moment to consider incorporating what Harvard University research has identified as a practice to improve overall positivity and well being into your routine.  As a personal or family challenge, consider adding these 5 practices each day during a “21-day challenge.” 

1. Acknowledge 3 new gratitudes 
2. Share one positive experience  
3. Exercise for 20 minutes
4. Meditation or Quiet Mindfulness for 5 minutes
5. 1 planned random act of kindness

In working to incorporate this concept into our daily lives, I consider these items each day and work to think through and verbalize these practices.

In Greenwich, I am so thankful for the broader community interest in and support of our schools. I am grateful for the work underway to build a beautiful new, New Lebanon School.  And, I’m exceedingly encouraged by the instructional system focus on the Vision of the Graduate.  The supports and conditions for success that are evidenced at every school visit continue to inspire me daily. 

This year, we have highlighted so many positive experiences, it is challenging to think of only one to share - from our arts, music, athletic, and academic programs, evidence of success is prevalent. I’ve most enjoyed visiting our district’s classrooms and seeing student engagement in the instructional program at each grade level. At this time of year, physical and learning growth of each student is immediately apparent. The schools are learner-focused and the staff are top notch across the various departments which brings such positive energy to our schools.  

We’re so fortunate to have beautiful natural areas throughout our town, you’ll find me walking the dogs for a minimum of 20 minutes each day during which time I do “multi-task” and enjoy quiet moments. I am hopeful that each of you finds similar time for appreciation of the incredible beauty surrounding us here in Greenwich. 

I’ve witnessed and evidenced so very many acts of kindness during my months here to date. Volunteerism is widespread throughout the community and the incredible time that each of our staff and community leaders devote to developing a healthy, resilient, and vibrant community is tremendously motivating. At Greenwich, we are working together to both imagine and realize what will certainly be a most exciting and positive future to create conditions of success for our youth. 

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