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Public Meetings

Upcoming Public Meetings

Below, please find the upcoming Board of Education and Administration Public Meetings, covering a two week period. This list will be updated weekly on Fridays.

(Information as of 7/23/21)

Week ending Friday, July 30
Tuesday, July 27 - 7:00pm - Board of Education Special Meeting
Wednesday, July 28 - 6:30pm - TOG Parks and Rec Board Meeting
Thursday, July 29 - 11:00am - Board of Education Budget Committee Meeting

Week ending Friday, August 6
No meetings scheduled

Please note that meetings rescheduled or noticed within the week will be updated on the schedule on a best efforts basis.


The Greenwich Board of Education (BOE) and Greenwich Public Schools (GPS) are committed to adhering to the principles and requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

This web page provides a collection of all current committees and/or meetings that constitute Public Meetings. 

Please follow the links provided below to each committee or standing meeting web page or website for details on meeting times, dates, locations, agendas, minutes and more.

As a multi-member public agency, all meetings of the Board of Education, regular, special and emergency shall be open to the public except for executive sessions. 

BOE Regular Public Meetings
Regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Education are posted annually by January 31 each year for the following school year. All meeting information is posted with the Town Clerk and to the Board of Education’s eGovernance website (BoardDocs).

BOE Special & Emergency Public Meetings
Special and Emergency Meetings are convened if/as necessary and in accordance with FOIA are posted with the Town Clerk and to the Board of Education’s eGovernance website (BoardDocs).

BOE Policy Governance Committee (PGC) Public Meetings
The BOE has established a Policy Governance Committee (PGC) to review and propose policy changes - revisions, amendments, deletions, revisions - and new policies.

BOE Budget Committee Public Meetings
The BOE has established a Budget Committee to review and/or propose items of financial significance in order to support the District’s fiscal responsibility.

BOE Strategic Planning Committee Public Meetings
The Board created a Strategic Plan Ad Hoc Committee to review the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan at their February 21, 2019 Business Meeting

The Superintendent of Schools is a single-member public agency. Non-routine, multi-stakeholder, administrative committee meetings or meetings established at the direction of a public agency could constitute a “public meeting” and are subject to the requirements of the FOIA.

Devising Seminar Task Force
As part of the review of Special Education supports and services, the Greenwich Public Schools will be partnering with Key2Ed to pilot a process called “Devising Seminars.”  The discussions will be facilitated by a neutral facilitator from Key 2Ed.

GPS Curriculum Council Public Meetings
The Greenwich Public Schools PK-12 Curriculum Council is a standing committee charged with supporting the phases of curriculum development, review and renewal.

GPS Food Services Committee Public Meetings
The Food Services Committee was convened to undertake a complete review of the food service program and report back to the Board of Education with recommendations to break even regarding overall financial results and an exploration of contracting out food services to a third party. The committee's work expanded to include recommendations on improving overall food quality and other food service department related topics.

GPS Food Services Menu Planning Subcommittee
The Menu Planning Committee was formed as a subcommittee of Food Services Committee in order to take a deep look at current food guidelines to see what improvements can be made.

GPS Greenwich High School Cardinal Field Development Committee Public Meetings
The goal of the Cardinal Field Improvement project is to meet our students’ athletic needs and provide the general public with a facility that offers a more accessible and inviting facility.

GPS Julian Curtiss School Feasibility Committee
The goal of the Julian Curtiss School Feasibility Committee is to work with an architect to develop and deliver Educational Specifications to the Board of Education for consideration and Approval.

GPS Old Greenwich School Feasibility Committee
The goal of the Old Greenwich School Feasibility Committee is to work with an architect to develop and deliver Educational Specifications to the Board of Education for consideration and Approval.

GPS Teacher Evaluation & Professional Learning (TEPL) Committee Public Meetings
[Purpose Description]

Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC)
The purpose of a Special Education Advisory Council is to build full, equal and equitable partnerships between families, the school District and community partners, on a council that gives advisory opinions to the Board of Education on matters pertaining to the education and safety of students with disabilities.

Special Education Review
Through a competitive and thorough bidding process, GPS has engaged Public Consulting Group (PCG) to provide a comprehensive Special Education Review. PCG will be conducting this extensive and independent review throughout the year.


School Building Committees:
A school building committee is formed when a school project “involves an application for State aid.” The Greenwich Town Charter (Article 9. School Building Committee) describes when school building committees are formed, the composition, appointment process, organization, powers and duties, and reporting responsibilities.

Town of Greenwich GHS Vestibule Building Committee Public Meetings

Town of Greenwich Music Instructional Space and Auditorium (MISA) Committee Public Meetings

Town of Greenwich New Lebanon School Building Committee Public Meetings

Periodically, the BOE and the GPS hold public forums as one way, among other strategies, to provide the community with information and/or obtain feedback on a particular topic. As forums are scheduled, they are communicated via eBlasts to current stakeholders, the GPS Website Calendar, local media, and will appear below.