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New GPS Family FAQ

Welcome to the Greenwich Public Schools!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register my child for school?

Registration is conducted at the schools and information on registration requirements can be found here. To identify the school your child will attend based on your Greenwich address, visit School Finder. Please contact the school's main office to schedule an appointment for Registration.

What is the process for Residency Verification?

The Residency Verification process is generally conducted at the schools. Visit the Residency Verification web page for detailed information on the process and forms.

How do I know which school my child will attend?

To identify the school your child will attend based on your Greenwich address, visit School Finder.

What are the Health/Immunization Requirements for starting school?

What is the process for transferring records from another District?

(To Follow)

I am moving from another country, how do I know which grade to register my child?

Excerpts from Student Admission and Placement Procedure :

Elementary Grades: Children who enter the Greenwich Public Schools in Kindergarten through fifth grade from another school or school district with a comparable or credited program will be placed according to chronological age and in accordance with state law. The district reserves the right to determine final placement after observations and evaluation by school staff in reference to Greenwich grade level expectations and inspection of the prior record.

Secondary Grades: Children who apply for initial admission to the district's schools in grades 6 - 12 by transfer from other schools will be placed at the grade and course level they would have reached elsewhere according to prior records and/or observation and evaluation by classroom teachers, guidance personnel, and the school principal. After such observations and evaluations have been completed, the principal will determine the final grade and course placement of the children.

Who do I contact if I need language translation support?

Please contact our English Language Learning (ELL) Program Coordinator. For contact information and more information on the ELL program, please visit the ELL web page.

If my child has special needs, or I believe my child may have special needs, what do I need to do?

Visit these web pages to find out more about available Special Education Services and the Referral and Identification Process.

What is the school attendance policy?

How will I know what my child needs to have or do to be ready to start school?

Once you are registered in the Greenwich Public Schools, your school Principal will provide you with the information necessary to be sure your child is prepared for school. All schools post Back-to-School information on their respective websites in mid-August prior to the start of school.

Are there resources available for immigrant families?

The Town of Greenwich Immigration Resource Guide is intended to provide new members of our community and our country with help in navigating their new surroundings and in finding services, such as childcare, healthcare, employment, housing and legal services. These services will enable immigrants to lead healthy, safe, and productive lives in Connecticut or surrounding states.