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District Profile


The Greenwich Public Schools include eleven elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (6-8), one high school (9-12), and one alternative high school. The schools range in size from the 220-pupil Parkway Elementary School to Greenwich High School with 2,795 students. The District also provides a tuition-based preschool program with locations at four of our elementary schools.

Preschool - Grade 12 Enrollment: 8,636
(Source: October 2022 GPS Enrollment Report)


The State of Connecticut provides District/School Profile and Performance Reports annually based on information submitted by CT School Districts. The reports contain information on student needs, resources and performance. The most recent State report available is based on data from the 2019-2020 school year.

Eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch: 20.5%
English Language Learners: 4.6%
Students with Disabilities: 12.4%
Minority Population: 38.6%

(Source: State Department of Education District Profile and Performance Report 2019-2020 School Year)


2018 Standards Based Assessment (SBA) - Grades 3-8

English Language Arts: 78% Meet/Exceed Expectations
88th Percentile of CT School Districts

Mathematics: 71.4% Meet/Exceed Expectations
90th Percentile of CT School Districts

College Board SAT - Class of 2017
Mean Score Reading: 586
Average Score Mathematics: 584
Participation: 97% of Class of 2017

2018 Advanced Placement Exams (AP)
Mean Score: 3.93* (10-year high)
93.1% of students taking AP exams score 3 or higher
Participation in AP courses has doubled over the last 10 years

* 3 = “qualified to receive college credit or advance placement”
* 4 = “well qualified to receive college credit or advance placement”


2019-2020 Operating Budget: $203,992,787
Per Pupil Cost*: $22,370

(*Source: CT 2019-2020 District Profile and Performance Report (2018-2019 data))