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District Priorities

2015-2020 Strategic Plan

The Greenwich Public Schools 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is designed to achieve the Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals for the academic, personal and interpersonal growth by providing personalized learning opportunities for each student.

Changing School Start and Dismissal Times

After a year-long exploration and community engagement, in June 2015, the Board of Education took action to direct District administration to develop a plan for changing school start times. The plan was presented and voted upon by the Board in September, 2016 for implementation in the fall of 2017. More information.

Digital Learning Environment (DLE)

In April 2013, the Greenwich Public Schools launched the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) initiative. The objectives of the DLE are to transform teaching and learning, to accelerate the academic achievement of all students, and to improve the personal well-being of all students.

An ongoing initiative, now incorporated into the Strategic Plan, the DLE provides teachers with the resources necessary to innovate and differentiate instruction according to the needs of each student. It provides opportunities for students to personalize their own learning, making choices about how they learn and present new knowledge.

Facilities Master Plan


Greenwich Public Schools has contracted with KG+D Architects to develop a fifteen year Facilities Master Plan to include a comprehensive assessment of all school facilities and to plan for maintenance, replacement cycles, renovations, and next generation schools.

Find out more about the Greenwich Public Schools Facilities Master Plan.


Greenwich High School Fields Remediation Project

The Greenwich Public Schools/Board of Education and the Town of Greenwich are working in collaboration to address the environmental concerns of the fields at Greenwich High School. Licensed environmental professionals have been contracted to plan for and implement a comprehensive Remedial Action Plan. The Town of Greenwich and State Departments of Health and Environmental Protection and the Federal EPA are also involved in consultation on the testing and remediation plans. More Information.

New Lebanon School Building Project

Racial Balance Plan

In June 2012, the Greenwich Public Schools were cited by the CT State Board of Education for Racial Imbalance in two schools - Hamilton Avenue School (HAS) and New Lebanon School (NLS). After an extensive public process, and consideration of feedback from the Greenwich community, the State Board of Education approved the Racial Balance Plan presented by the Greenwich Board of Education on July 9, 2014.

Western Middle School Fields

This summer (2016), environmental testing was conducted on soil samples from the Western Middle School (WMS) fields as requested by the State Department of Public Health (DPH). Preliminary oral reports received from Langan, the Town’s environmental consultant, indicate levels of environmental constituents that exceed the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CTDEEP) residential direct exposure criteria in portions of the fields. Concentrations of the constituents identified do not exceed Federal or State regulatory thresholds requiring immediate reporting or action. However, based on these results, and after initial consultation with the Town and State Departments of Public Health, the Western Middle School fields are closed until further notice as a precautionary measure. Although we are not obligated by State or Federal standards to close the fields based on these initials findings, First Selectman Peter J. Tesei and Interim Superintendent of Schools Salvatore Corda, agree with Town DPH recommendations that it is in the best interest of students, families, staff and the community to close the fields until such time as a plan of action can be developed and implemented. Visit the Western Middle School Fields section of the website for more information and updates.