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Naviance Family Portals


Naviance Family Connection is a web-based service designed especially for students and parents to organize and document many of the milestones related to Student Success Plans.


Each of our four secondary schools has a separate link into Naviance:

A Student Success Plan is an individualized profile of strengths, interests and milestones created by each student in collaboration with their school counselor, teachers, monitor, advisor or mentor, as well as their parents / guardians. This begins in the 6th grade and continues through 12th grade. It is designed to help every student actively plan for their future, and to achieve their post high school educational and career goals. Each student is provided assistance in setting goals for social, physical and academic growth, meeting rigorous learning expectations in the classroom, and exploring post high school education and career interests.

Naviance For Middle School Handout
Naviance For Middle School Spanish Handout