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Student Data Privacy

Information and laws pertaining to student data and Internet safety

Federal Privacy Laws


Children's Internet Protection Act - information from the FCC


Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule - information provided by the Federal Trade Commission


FERPA for Parents from the U.S. Department of Education

Connecticut Data Privacy Law

Digital tools and web resources must comply with this law. Our Digital Toolbox is used by staff to request tools and as a place to go for approved resources.

Connecticut State Law Public Act 10-234aa-dd

We will post a list of resources along with their signed privacy contracts annually. The list can be found here.

How do we keep kids safe online?

Greenwich Public Schools uses a state of the art content filtering system, district-wide. In addition, depending on grade level, student devices have specialty software installed which increases their level of online protection.

Internet Safety Resources

Privacy Setting Resources for Parents/Guardians