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Please see below for current price for breakfast & lunch SY 2023-2024:

Breakfast: $2.85

Elementary Lunch:  $4.15

Middle School Lunch: $4.30

High School Lunch: $4.40

Options for Allergy and Gluten Free Bag: Gluten Free Veggie Wrap, Sun Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich, Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese/String Cheese, etc.

Teacher and Adult Meals are purchased a la carte


Lunch Menus



Students will be expected to pay for meals at the time of service. Students have each been assigned a Student Meal Account and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to allow only he/she access to the account. To activate the account for your student, you must deposit money into the account. We encourage students to use their accounts as it allows for less chance of lost lunch money, quicker service at lunch time. Any money left at the end of the school year will carry forward to next school year. Students moving to a new school will find the money left at the end of the year in their account at the new school!

Parents can make deposits to the account by making payments to the kitchen staff in one of three ways:

  • Cash: accepted in any amount at any register at the school. If you choose to send cash daily, and not use the POS, you are less able to control your child’s spending and unlikely to identify allergies or food related concerns.
  • Checks: must be written to "Town of Greenwich - School Lunch Fund" - We will return checks that are not completed correctly (postdated, no signature, no address, etc). Please use blue or black ink and include your child’s name (first and last) on the check as a reference.

Elementary Deposit Form (Span)...... Middle School Deposit Form (Span)...... GHS Deposit Form (Span)

  • Online payment: Our account management software offers a parent portal through MySchoolBucks, a website for parents to manage their children’s accounts. Parents register at MySchoolBucks and can make payments directly to the child’s account using a credit card (there is a transaction fee of $2.75 for using a credit card which is explained on the website).

Our Point of Sale program works directly with MySchoolBucks to provide detailed information about your students’ accounts so you can view it FREE anytime! We strongly recommend that all parents sign into MySchoolBucks to access your child’s account information. From MySchoolBucks you can:

  • View balances
  • Check child’s spending habits
  • View online account statement
  • Make online payments
  • Receive low balance email reminders
  • Set up automatic payments based on account balance


The MySchoolBucks Mobile App is now available for Android and iPhone.

Do it all with the convenience of a smart phone. It's easy! Start by downloading the MySchoolBucks App, searching for "MySchoolBucks" on Android's Google Play or the iPhone's App Store, then log in using your username and password. The MySchoolBucks App is free.

Parents are ultimately responsible for maintaining an adequate balance in their students’ accounts. We encourage all parents to register on to be able to monitor their child’s account balance. To reduce problems at the register when your child’s account is very low or out of money, we will also automatically notify an elementary school parent with a low balance note sent home when a child’s account is at or below $10.00 or 5 lunches. Middle and High School students are told as they are going through the breakfast and lunch lines of low balances. Payment of cash or check should be brought to the kitchen staff upon arrival at school. Cashiers will apply the deposit to the account on that day.

Please refer to GPS Policy 3542.43.

A. Pre K – Grade 11
To obtain a refund, a parent or guardian must submit a written request to the Food Services Office. After verification of account balance, the Town Treasurer will issue a refund check. Students permanently leaving the Public School system should submit a request within 90 days after withdrawal. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your refund.

B. Graduating Seniors
If a graduating senior has a younger sibling in the Greenwich Public School System, a parent or guardian can submit a request to the Food Services Office to have those funds transferred to the designated sibling’s account. The request to transfer can be submitted up to 90 days after graduation.

OPTION 2: A parent or guardian may request a refund of monies in the account. To obtain a refund, a parent or guardian must submit a request to the Food Services Office within 90 days after graduation. After verification of account balance, the Town Treasurer will issue a refund check. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your refund.


Providing Food on Field Trips

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires that meals reimbursed under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) must be consumed on site unless they are served on school-supervised field trips that are part of the curriculum, as defined by CSDE. Field trips cannot be extracurricular events.

Food service staff and non-food service staff involved with field trips must understand the USDA’s requirements for off-site reimbursable meals. To ensure compliance, the following operating procedures must be followed.

  1. Meals must be available to all students, regardless of eligibility for free, reduced-price, or paid meals.
  2. Meals must be offered at regular meal prices.
  3. If necessary, students with food allergies must be accommodated.
  4. Food Service Director must be notified of the field trip and need for meals thirty (30) days prior to planned event date.
  5. Meals must be served between 10:00am - 2:00pm.
  6. Meals must contain all meal components in the minimum required amounts. Offer vs Serve (OVS) should not be implemented.
  7. Meals must meet the meal patterns and USDA’s weekly dietary specifications.
  8. Every meal must include ½ cup of fruit and ¾ cup of vegetables for K-8 grade group, and 1 cup of fruit and 1 cup of vegetables for the 9-12 grade grouping.
  9. Meals must always include milk in at least two different varieties. Juice or water may not be offered as a substitute instead of milk unless a child has a disability.
  10. Meal counts for all grades must be determined at the point of service. Option #1) students may come through the cafeteria serving line and purchase a bag meal at the point of service prior to leaving for the field trip. Option #2) Field trip supervisor(s) should utilize an attendance roster of the students on the field trip during meal time to check off the student’s name after verifying that the student has received all of the components for a reimbursable meal. The supervisor(s) must return the completed roster to the cafeteria after the field trip for the cafeteria manager to review and add the number of field trips meals to the school’s lunch counts for that day. Field trip attendance, student orders, or the number of meals sent do not count as appropriate methods for meal counting and claiming.
  11. All employees with responsibility related to the operation of school nutrition programs and distribution of meals must complete annual training (Civil rights, Food safety plan, Meal counting, Meal claiming).
  12. Meals and meal service must comply with HACCP procedures with particular concern for potentially hazardous foods (PHF) including but not limited to milk and milk products; meat; shell eggs; cut melons; cut tomatoes; cut leafy greens; baked potatoes; cooked rice, beans, and vegetables; tofu or other soy proteins; and sprouts/sprout seeds. Staff must follow applicable HACCP procedures during preparation and storage of field trip meals including but not limited to taking and recording holding temperatures;  ensure that students eat meals at the appropriate time to ensure correct implementation of time and temperature controls for food safety; washing hands prior to distributing meals; using clean disposable gloves or utensils when distributing any unwrapped or unpackaged ready-to-serve food; ensure students thoroughly wash their hands before receiving meals and eating; discard all leftover food items.