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Food Allergy Information

Link: SY 2023-2024 Allergy Awareness In The Greenwich Schools

The Greenwich School Lunch Program recognizes the increasing prevalence of potentially life-threatening food allergies among children. Effective management of food allergies in the kitchen includes implementing strategies for avoidance of offending foods by allergic children. It is the intention of the Greenwich School Lunch Program to provide assistance and information to parents in order to help them determine whether or not their child consumes food items served in the cafeteria.

Parents are encouraged to review Comprehensive List of Food Product Labels Found Here or contact the Food Services Office located at the Board of Education prior to any food being consumed. It should be noted that occasionally substitutions occur on the menu. It is the intention of the the department to minimize these as much as possible. In all cases substitutions will be made with a similar product from our inventory.

The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is a good source of information regarding food allergies. This website provides information on frequently asked questions, common food allergens, recipes, allergy alerts, research studies and more. - provides straightforward information to improve the lives of children suffering with food allergies.

Their primary service is the publication of the Safe Snack Guide. A catalog of snacks free of specific allergens you can utilize for parties, gatherings or for your families use.

GPS BOE Policy 5141.25 - Students With Special Dietary Needs