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North Mianus School Project from Ceiling Failure

On Saturday, February 13, 2021, a plaster ceiling fell on a sprinkler pipe causing a significant flood as well as the collapse of the hung ceiling.

After a thorough investigation by an engineering consultant, the Town's Building Inspector, and our Facilities Team, the original building is closed to undergo extensive ceiling renovation. This is the front area of the building which flooded both the first floor and second floor. We may continue to use the portions of the building that have been constructed more recently and are not impacted by the ceiling issue.

In late May 2021, both the BET and RTM met to discuss and vote on the funding for these repairs. We are grateful for their support in fully funding the project request. A contract has been awarded with a tentative start date of June 15th. All work associated with removal of the ceilings has been completed. 

 Exterior view of North Mianus Stamford Campus

Third, fourth, and fifth graders have been relocated at the former-Trinity Catholic High School campus in Stamford (pictured above), while the kindergarten-second graders are able to stay at North Mianus School's main campus.

Before and after photos of North Mianus construction

The top two images were taken in February 2021 shortly after the ceiling collapse, while the bottom two images were taken recently of some of the great construction work being done.