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GHS Vestibule Building Committee


The goal of the GHS Vestibule project is to create a main entryway to Greenwich High School that is more accessible, more secure, and aesthetically pleasing.

GHS Vestibule Building Committee
Steve Walko
Jake Allen
Ashley Cole
Maureen Bonanno
Stephanie Cowie
Leslie Moriarty (BET)
Louis Contadino
Karen Hirsh (BOE)

Steven Swidler  (GHS Staff)
Craig Amundson (RTM)
Dan Watson (BOE Central Office)
Tom Bobkowski (BOE -Central Office)
Ralph Mayo (GHS Principal)
Lauren Rabin (BOS)
Will Schwartz (DPW)

2023-2024 Scheduled Meetings

2024 Scheduled Meetings


GHS Entryway/Media Feasibility Committee

The goal of the GHS Entryway/Media Feasibility Committee is to work with an architect to develop and deliver Educational Specifications to the Board of Education for consideration and Approval.

GHS Entryway/Media Feasibility Committee Members:
Toni Jones (Superintendent - Committee Chair)
Ann Carabillo (Deputy Superintendent)
Christina Downey (BOE)
Leslie Moriarty (BET)
Kimberly Blank (RTM)
Ralph Mayo (Headmaster)
Dan Watson (Director of Facilities)
Maureen Bonnano (PTA)
Ingrid Winn (PTA)
Steven Swindler (Teacher)
Carmen Lissett Gutierrez (Teacher)
Tom Bobkowski (Director of Security)