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GHS Cardinal Field Feasibility Study

As part of the 2017-2018 Town approved Capital Plan, Greenwich Public Schools (GPS) administration has contracted with KG+D architects to conduct a Cardinal Field Feasibility Study (CFFS). The purpose of the Feasibility Study is to review possible approaches to repairing and/or improving Cardinal Field and the grounds and facilities surrounding the field. The study will not result in a single plan, but a variety of options for the GPS administration and the Board of Education to consider. The scope of the feasibility project focuses on health and safety priorities as well as possible upgrades of the field area to better serve the needs of the community.

The Greenwich community is welcome to provide feedback via the online form below. This feedback will be used to refine and prioritize possible approaches in repairing and/or improving the Cardinal Field facility. The final approach will involve a number of approvals and permits and will address existing agreements and ordinances.

Notice of Special Meeting - December 22, 2017

Notice of Special Meeting - January 18, 2018

Notice of Special Meeting - February 7, 2018

Notice of Special Meeting - March 16, 2018