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GHS Cardinal Field Improvement Project

The goal of the Cardinal Field Improvement project is to meet our students’ athletic needs and provide the general public with a facility that offers a more accessible and inviting facility.

The District completed a Cardinal Field Feasibility Study during the FY18 academic year which culminated with the committee concurrence to pursue Option B, a $20M project. This option included replacing the bleachers, improving field lighting and the speaker system, adding a through road, relocating the tennis courts and adding a building serving as the ticket gate and facilities complete with ADA accessible bathrooms, team rooms and concession. The board approved the continuation of the design phase on Option B on 2/22/18.

The design phase began immediately with the formation of a Steering Committee. The committee will be conducting additional studies, preparing a site plan, applying for a municipal improvement and coordinating additional design work. We are seeking community feedback on the design phase, if you would like to provide input, please click on the Project Feedback button below.

Cardinal Field Steering Committee Members

Sean O'Keefe (Committee Chair and BOE COO)
Peter Bernstein (BOE Chair)
Susan Fahey (RTM)
Gus Lindine (BOE Athletic Director)

Toni Jones (Superintendent of Schools)
Rick Kral (Greenwich Athletic Foundation (GAF) representative)
Terry Lamantia (GHS PTA Co-President)
Katie DeLuca (TOG P&Z)
Jim Michel (TOG DPW)

Lillian Perone (GHS Program Associate)
Ralph Mayo (GHS Interim Headmaster)
Anthony Turner (BET)
David Walko (GHS House Master)
Daniel Watson (BOE Facilities Director)