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Strong numbers of GHS AVID students complete FAFSA, apply to 4-year colleges
Strong numbers of GHS AVID students complete FAFSA, apply to 4-year colleges

Greenwich Public Schools shares new 2018-2019 data on the success of last year's graduating class of students participating in the District's AVID program – a nationally-recognized program that helps students navigate the college application process, and build the academic and soft skills needed to succeed in college and the workforce of the future.

Last year, 92% of Greenwich Public Schools seniors participating in AVID completed a FAFSA application, compared to the national rate of 61%. Likewise, 95% of AVID students applied to a four-year college, and 95% were accepted. Nationally, 81% of high school students aspire to earn a bachelor's degree yet less than 50% actually enroll at a four-year university.

"We are so proud of our students in the AVID program for their commitment to growth and goal completion throughout their time in high school and beyond," said Superintendent of Greenwich Public Schools, Dr. Toni Jones.

Research shows that applying for financial aid is one of the best predictors of whether a student will enroll in college. Through the AVID program, the District hosts regular FAFSA application nights and provides dedicated in-school time for students to work with teachers and staff to complete their applications, providing them with better insight into the financial resources available to them.

Greenwich Public Schools has a strong AVID program at Greenwich High School and offers the program at our magnet middle school, Western Middle School. In both programs, students are exposed to a variety of instructional methods, including critical reading strategies, focused note-taking, Socratic Seminars and Philosophical Chairs. These strategies are designed to help students grow as readers, thinkers, collaborators, and writers. In addition, students are taught a variety of executive functioning skills to help them learn how to plan and prioritize tasks, organize their thoughts and materials, and reflect on their learning and goals. Students are exposed to a variety of career and college opportunities, they set long-term and short-term goals and work on progress monitoring.

"We congratulate Greenwich Public Schools for its demonstrated commitment to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to pursue a postsecondary education. The milestones announced today reflect the Greenwich Public Schools' holistic approach to college readiness -- starting with building a culture of high expectations among teachers and students, and including the delivery of rigorous, student-centric instruction that prepares them for college-level work," said Dr. Sandy Husk, former school superintendent and CEO of AVID. "We are proud to be part of Greenwich Public Schools' work to ensure all students can reach their full potential."

About AVID:

Greenwich Public Schools joins over 7,000 K-12 schools and districts across 47 states that partner with AVID to build a safe and open culture, high expectations for teachers and students, and collaboration in all classrooms.

AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination is a college readiness and executive functioning program designed to help all students achieve their goals and reach their full academic potential. To learn more:

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