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Nominate a Teacher...for a Distinguished Teachers Award

The Distinguished Teachers Awards Committee, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 1984 to recognize and celebrate excellence among the dedicated teaching staff of the Greenwich Public Schools. The Committee is comprised of approximately 20 members and is a balance of representatives from the Greenwich Education Association (teachers), the Greenwich Organization of School Administrators, PTA Council (parents), and Board of Education, and members of the community. Members serve a three-year term. The awardees are selected based solely on the written information provided in each candidate’s Nomination Packet.

DTA Nomination Packets - 2020 Packets

DTA Nominating 2019 Packet Cover


Nomination Directions (English)

Nomination Directions (Spanish)

REQUIRED FORMS As part of the Distinguished Teachers Awards (DTA) Nomination Packet, each Distinguished Teacher Candidate, the Nominator and Seconders must complete the relevant forms below and as described in the Nomination Instruction Packet above - click on links below to download the Word document. Please complete the form in the Word format and submit with the completed Nomination Packet.

(Nominators are responsible for collecting and submitting all forms for DTA Nomination by March 12, 2020, 5:00 p.m.)

Form I - Information Form (Completed by Nominator) -- English | Spanish

Form II - Acknowledgement Form (Completed by Candidate) -- English | Spanish

Form III - Resume Form (Completed by Candidate) -- English | Spanish

Form IV - Response to Criteria Form for Teacher Candidate (Completed by Candidate) -- English | Spanish

Form V - Writing Prompt Form (Completed by Candidate) -- English | Spanish

Form VI - Response to Criteria Form for Nominator/Seconder (Completed by Nominator/Seconder) -- English | Spanish

Form VII - Response to Criteria Form for Nominator/Seconder (Completed by Nominator/Seconder) -- English | Spanish

Form VIII - Response to Criteria Form for Nominator/Seconder (Completed by Nominator/Seconder) -- English | Spanish

Important Dates for 2020 DTA Program


Nomination Packets available on the GPS web site (available soon in each school)


March 12, 5:00pm

Deadline for completed nomination packet – submitted in person to the Havemeyer Building/Communications Office


April 21

Distinguished Teachers Award Committee selection of finalists


April 21 (evening)

Candidates, nominators and principals notified by telephone


April 22

Finalists announced at their schools


April 23 Finalists are presented at the Board of Education meeting at Riverside School by the Chairman of the DTAC. Finalists also attend a dinner at Riverside School with the Board members prior to the meeting; photographs are taken.
(Nominators, seconders, colleagues and family members are encouraged to attend the Board of Ed. Meeting.)
May 5

Distinguished Teachers Award Ceremony
Location: Central Middle School Auditorium
4:30pm – 5:30pm

(Nominators will present their candidate in a brief introduction, no more than one minute. Finalists are asked to make a very brief acceptance speech. Seconders, colleagues and family members are encouraged to attend the ceremony.)

DTA Eligibility Requirements

For complete eligibility and criteria information, review the Nomination Packet Instructions available annually in December.

To be eligible for the award, a nominee must:

• be a full-time* staff member** who teaches in the Greenwich Public Schools
• have completed at least five (5) years of teaching
• have completed at least three (3) years of teaching in the Greenwich Public Schools
• be an employee in good standing
(Previous award recipients are not eligible for re-nomination.)

* equal to or greater than 0.5
**any member of the GEA, including teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, and school psychologists

Nominations may be made by anyone representing one of the following categories; the seconders must represent the remaining two categories:
• one professional colleague, currently employed by the Greenwich Public Schools
• one administrator, currently employed by the Greenwich Public Schools
• one parent/student/other current community member
(Members of the Distinguished Teachers Award Committee may not nominate or second a nomination.)

Only one nomination packet per candidate will be accepted. We will accept the first nomination submitted; any subsequent nominations for the same candidate will not be accepted.

Criteria of a Distinguished Teacher:

The main emphasis in identifying a distinguished teacher is the quality of the teacher’s work with students. Candidates nominated for the Distinguished Teachers Award should be those who exhibit the qualities which are listed below. It is essential that nominators and seconders cite specific examples of the following qualities:

* Inspires enthusiasm, expects students to take responsibility for their own learning, and elicits a high level of achievement from students in relation to their individual abilities

* Demonstrates and continues to pursue a high mastery of subject matter and best practices for instruction

* Has the respect of students, parents and colleagues

* Communicates well with parents and students

* Collaborates and makes contributions to improve overall student achievement within the classroom

* Makes contributions to improve the school and/or the District beyond the classroom

For questions about nominations or procedures, please contact the Communications Office at the Havemeyer Building at 203-625-7415 or

Distinguished Teachers 1985 - 2019

Distinguished Teachers (1985-2019)

  2019 2018 2017
  Sean Harriman
Crystal Kitselman
Katharine Miserocchi
Megan Ostruzka
Chris Anne Powers
Karrie Vale
Karen Ball
Lisa Giometti
Michele Giorlando DeRosa
Frank Kovac
Eleanor Ritch
Meagan White
Stephen Babyak
Victoria Cappiali
Michael Galatioto
Erin Randall
Bridget Suvansri
Diane Taylor
2016 2015 2014 2013
Ana Chejin-Danielsen
Julie Cofone
Sarah Harris
Sarah Goldin
Jeannine Madoff
Ian Tiedemann
Cathy Byrne
Luz Desrouilleres
Richard Crawford
Maryann Franchella
Maryann Jagodzinski
Diana Willie
Mara Adelsberg
Cheryl Iozzo
Sheri McGowan
James M. Micik
Robert Walsh
Lin Yuan Young
Cecilia Aita
Jennifer Benoit
Melissa Macchio Brown
Stephen Kinner
Esra Murray
Mary Beth Smith
2012 2011 2010 2009

Christine Begole
Andrew Bramante
Richard Kurtzman
Elizabeth Manning
Barbara Brennan Oxer
Cynthia Sherwin

Karen Boyea
Meredith Daniels
Laura Donnelly
Karen Foster
Nan Nelson
Jennifer Preli

Alison Allerton
Jessica Baker
Rita Baker
Charill Pierce
Kathleen Steiner
Sheri Lyn Wollard

Gretchen Crandall
Kathleen Harbort
Anne Marie Haymon
Aaron Hull
Susan Tracey
Judy Wren

2008 2007 2006 2005

Karen Anderson
Rita Clair
Arianne Haley-Banez
Camille Fusco
Christine Kovac
Anthony Mullen

Phyllis Dale
Karen Maher-Cochran
Mary Ann Murray
Christina Shaw
Gloria Sprigg
Dana Tulotta

Nan Barrett
Liz Black
William Bogardus
Charles DiSapio
Karen Harris
Robert Wilson
Mary Fike
Diane Garofalo
Cathy Mayo
Gene Schmidt
Patrick Taylor
Julie Wang
2004 2003 2002 2001
Andrea Abbott
Rae Baczek
Elaine Casale
Karen Nagy
Alice Neal
Jonathan Smith
Donna Conway
Mark Epstein
Courtney Hawes
Brenda Macri
Karen Riordan
Medard Thomas
Margot Bittenbender
Jean Di Vincenzo
Mariko Iwai
Georgia Tedla
Curtis Tipton
John Whalen
Michael Batcheller
Alisa Lewis
Jane Niwa
Kathryn Onofrio
Susan Whalen
John Yoon
2000 1999 1998 1997
Susan Batcheller
Valerie Bolling
Barbara O'Neill
Francis Pierce II
Susan Striker
Louise Williamson
Kenneth Alcorn
A. Ray Hamilton
Patricia Kohn
Frederic Stewart
Carole Tierney
Doreen Zahn
Nancy-Anne Fitzgibbons
Ledell Mulvaney
Mary Pierce
Barbara Schutzman
Steve Rosenberg
Judith Fell Woods

Emma Oberheuser
Susan Valenzi
Dwight Wall
Erica Wiberg
Joanne Zammit
Robert Zapor

1996 1995 1994 1993
Christine Anderson
Joan Beiser
William Dinnean
Carolyn Gilbert
Barbara Gotch
Carol Sutton
Daniel Barrett
Anne Gilhuly
Chris Kazanas
Susan Lickwar
Judith Petersen
Caralliene Westbrook
Frank Arnone
Lissa Bentley
Victor Mazmanian
Paul Rosenblum
Marcie Schoenfeld
Jerry Snyder
Jory Lockwood
Gail Montgomery
Philip Nobile
Sara Reilly
Candace Robinson
Janet Stroble
1992 1991 1990 1989
John Boyton
Jane Carlin
Susan Hart
Dena Phelps
Carmel Signa
Martha Taylor
Brigid Barry
William Bechem
Elinor Carr
Richard Kohn
Jane Kahn
Camilla Rogers
Joan Lowe
Terrence Lowe
Julie Machen
Mary Seitzer
Lee Spong
Steve Wallerstein
Joel Adelberg
Dolores Kenny
Ralph Pettie
Richard Piotrzkowski
Carol Rosenberg
Ardith Williams
1988 1987 1986 1985
Martha Awdziewicz
Carmelita Brooks
Marjorie Klar
Harry Kropp
Kenneth Lyon
Lorraine Termini
Esther Bushell
Christine Gunn
Jeanete Hotchkiss
George Mathes
Anne Modugno
Harold Trachtenburg
Elizabeth Hughes
Shirle Janowich
Mary Livezey
Marilyn Maxwell
David Ross
Lynn Washington
Ellwood Autuori
Kathy Barnes
Josephine Frame
Lois Hebert
Barbara Lewis
Betsy Perna-Smith

2018 Distinguished Teachers Awards Ceremony