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What We Do

PTA Council's main roles are to coordinate PTA efforts and programs, to advocate with a unified voice, to facilitate communication, to interface with outside organizations such as the school system administration and town authorities, to be the liaison for the state and national PTAs, to promote cooperation and sharing of information, and to provide training and support.

Fourteen PTA Council Committees have been established to perform the work of the Council, especially with respect to coordination and advocacy.

PTA Council Committees:

Academic Excellence (AE)

Academic Excellence (AE) advocates for the needs of all students with respect to academic curriculum and instruction in support of the district’s mission to educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement. AE stays apprised of the development, planning, review and assessment of curriculum and instruction and serve as parent advisors in these processes when appropriate. AE communicates information related to student academic achievement to parents through PTAC.

This year's workshop schedule will be posted here once it become available. These workshops are open to all parents and focus on the curriculum and ways in which the schools and PTAs can support and enhance it.

Advanced Learning Program (ALP)

Advanced Learning Program (ALP) advocates for the needs of students across all disciplines, who are significantly advanced academically, compared to their peers, as demonstrated by either performance or ability, in alignment with the District program. The Committee helps families become better acquainted with educational options, and provides a network of support for parents/guardians. The Committee shares information and resources to help each child realize their fullest potential. The committee works with administrators from the ALP and Curriculum Departments to advocate, arrange appropriate speakers, and facilitate communication to the relevant members of the community, as well as interfacing with relevant state and local organizations.


Afters coordinates the efforts of the elementary school PTA programs offered before and after school and provides guidance to the PTA volunteers who run them. The committee meets in the fall, winter, and spring, and communicates regularly between meetings so PTA volunteers can support one another's efforts.

Curriculum Enrichment

Curriculum Enrichment coordinates the efforts of and provides guidance to PTA volunteers who run enrichment programs. The Committee helps PTA volunteers obtain and share information about enrichment programs that support the Greenwich Public Schools Curriculum. These may be in the arts (including writing, music, theater, visual arts, and dance), sciences, and cultural and historical studies. It is also the advocacy body for these curricular areas, especially but not limited to the arts.

Digital Learning (DL)

Digital Learning (DL) promotes understanding among the parent community of the DLE goals, practices and successes within our schools. It also raises parent concerns/issues relating to the DLE to District Administrators and helps to develop solutions. Communication between the DLE District Administrators and the school PTAs is the primary responsibility of this committee. The Committee meets regularly with the DLE Administrators and with the school DLE representatives every other month.


Directory is responsible for creating the PTA Council Directory in the late summer/early fall of each school year. The Chair also acts as a resource for school directory volunteers and as a liaison with District personnel as needed to facilitate best practices for directory publication.

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education represents PTAC on the School Readiness Council and addresses any GPS preschool issues as a PTA advocate. The SRC, which reports to the First Selectman and Superintendent of Schools, is charged with ensuring that every child who enters kindergarten in the district is prepared appropriately. It meets monthly at the Board of Education building.

Special Education Support (SES)

Special Education Support (SES) advocates for the needs of students who have a disability/difference whether learning, physical, or comprehensive. The committee helps families become better acquainted with educational options for their children, and provides a network of support for parents/guardians. EDS shares information and resources about the special education process and services available in the Greenwich Public School system to help each child realize her/his fullest potential.

Essence Award

Essence Award determines the annual recipient of the PTAC volunteerism award. The Chair(s) publicizes the award, updates its website, collects the nominations, arranges at least one Committee meeting to determine the award recipient, and coordinates the announcement, celebration, and publicity.

Green Schools

Green Schools promotes environmental education and awareness in school operations, curricula, and PTA programming. The Committee promotes environmental education and awareness in school operations, curricula, and PTA programs. It supports community action and service by working with partners in the Town. Green Schools meets monthly. The Chair(s) works with all pertinent District administrators and Town officials.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness promotes wellness education and healthy practices in school operations, curricula, and PTA programming. It advocates for the physical and mental health of all Greenwich Public School students and sponsors initiatives pertaining to healthy cafeteria food, safe school climate (absence of bullying), substance abuse prevention, physical fitness, and mental health awareness.


Scholarship provides need-based scholarships to graduating GHS seniors and represents PTAC on the Greenwich Scholarship Association (GSA). Members participate impartially and confidentially in the GSA interview and decision process to ensure awardees represent all public schools. The Committee meets in the spring in conjunction with the GSA interview process in April/May and attends Awards Night in June to present the PTAC awards.

Special Programs

Special Programs is responsible for planning the PTAC annual dinner and providing refreshments at the PTAC June training.

Twice Exceptional Learners (2E)

Twice Exceptional Learners (2E) advocates for the needs of students who are both advanced or “gifted” and have a disability/difference (EDS/”special needs”). The Committee helps families become better acquainted with educational options, and provides a network of support for parents/guardians. The Committee shares information and resources to help each child realize her/his fullest potential.

Helpful Resource: The US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR) published this hallmark letter in July, 2016 on the rights of students with ADHD. Importantly, any neuro diverse student may have these rights. The letter notes that parents are very effective at recommendations. Trust yourself! Also, the letter states that student's behavioral challenges may be the direct result of ineffective or inadequate non-individuated services, interventions, accommodations, and/or placement. Feel free to refer to this letter in your correspondence and use it as a reference in your admin/PPT meetings. Many parents have reported this letter to be extremely helpful.


Also here is a link to important news regarding the application for College Board accommodations.

Representatives from the PTA Council's Executive Board also serve on the Greenwich Alliance for Education Board (GAE), the Distinguished Teacher's Award Committee, the Essence Award Committee, and other ad-hoc committees.