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Essence Award

The PTAC Essence Award recognizes an outstanding PTA member of the Greenwich Public Schools PTA communities, who through exemplary achievement, has inspired others, demonstrated selfless spirit and made a significant difference in our school community (individual school or district wide). This individual is a willing member of a team, whether in a leadership role or in the trenches performing thankless tasks that need to be done. The devotion to the goals and values of the Greenwich PTAs is demonstrated in this individual’s ongoing involvement and willingness to make our school community better for all constituents.

In 2017, a Lifetime Essence Award was created that specifically honors an active, long-standing impactful PTA volunteer who has contributed over the course of many years through a variety of positions and schools may be awarded at the discretion of the Essence Award Committee. A maximum of one recipient for the Essence Award and one recipient for the Lifetime Essence Award will be selected each year.


Parents, teachers, staff, students, principals, administrators, or members of our Greenwich community may submit nominations. In addition to the nomination form (link below), a 500-word maximum nomination narrative addressing the award criteria above and should be submitted to the Co-Chairs of PTAC Essence Award Committee, at

Please note the same application is to be used for both the Essence and Lifetime Essence Award nominations.

Nominations for the 2023-2024 Essence Awards will be accepted March 22 - April, 26, 2024.  

Please don't delay. We encourage you to submit your nominations as soon as possible!


A committee of six people will review each nomination. The committee will include the Essence Award Committee Co-Chairs, two PTAC Executive Board members, one Greenwich PTA Co-President, and one additional Council Committee Co-Chair. The nominees will be evaluated against the criteria set forth above. All nominees will be recognized at the last PTA Council regular meeting.

The Essence Award recipients will be announced at the PTAC Essence Award Ceremony.  All nominated individuals will be recognized for their contributions through the local media or PTAC webpage.

Congratulations to all our PTAC award winners!

PTAC Essence Award Winners

2023- Cate Elliott Bocassi
2022 - Brian Peldunas
2021 -  Joan Lynch
2020 - Ana Laborde
2019 - Cindy Lyall
2018 - Kathleen Yu
2017 - Meredith Vartuli
2016 - Amy Leahy
2015 - Julie Faryniarz
2014 - Gayle Hagegard
2013 - Lisa Davidson
2012 - Wendy Figueroa
2011 - Lauren Rabin

PTAC Lifetime Essence Award Winners

2023 - Valerie Rimmer
2022 - Stephanie Cowie
2021 - Cricket Dyment
2020 - Maureen Bonanno
2019 - Anne Pfetsch
2018 - Sue Moretti Bodson
2017 - Patti Jomo