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Students Explore Ethics

On Thursday, January 16th, the 7th Grade Seminar class celebrated their research on raw materials with an Ethics Expo. The Ethics Expo helped to inform the public about consumer responsibility, how the products we buy have a whole global history before they make it the store shelves. The raw materials featured in this year's expo included: coffee, tea, avocados, sugar, cotton, and diamonds. Students were inspired by the model case study of chocolate studied during the first quarter of the year. And in turn, students researched and compared brands of the same raw material product, such as coffee, and using an Ethics Responsibility Rubric, ranked each brand for workers' rights, transparency, communication, slave labor, and more. Students learned and displayed the process from farm to table, and shared their knowledge with peers, teachers, and parents. This exhibition showed not only the importance of understanding where the products we buy come from, but also celebrated the new learning of our 7th-grade students.

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