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Summer Reading

Greenwich Public Schools Summer Reading 2016

Access to Overdrive - Overdrive Collections - Elementary Summer Reading Booklet - Middle School Summer Reading

First-Ever Digital Summer Reading Collections in Partnership with Greenwich Library...

Greenwich Public Schools is pleased to provide our students a first-time ever Summer Reading collection of titles available 24/7 through Overdrive and in partnership with Greenwich Library. Summer reading is critical to the academic progress and achievement of all our students. For this reason, we are providing:
  • A collection professionally curated by school and public librarians.
  • Award-winning titles, all genres, timeless classics and popular, new titles.
  • An online flipbook - The Elementary Summer Reading Booklet - provided here (opposite) of suggested titles for elementary, K-5 students.
  • All titles are available in print and most are available digitally through Overdrive to launch our first-ever Digital Summer Reading Program.
  • The same collection/recommendations are available through the Greenwich Public Libraries Overdrive account (parents will need to sign-up their child for a library card or use their own).
  • As always, although specific titles are suggested and access is provided, students may read any book by the authors listed or any title suggested by a school media specialist, public librarian or teacher. The goal of the Summer Reading program is for students to read widely and often.

Access to the Greenwich Public Schools Digital Library

Access, Select and Borrow titles using the Greenwich Public Schools Digital Library at Overdrive located at:

Summer Reading Booklet (Suggested Titles by Grade, Genre, Award-Winners)

Summer Reading Booklet - Click Here

Greenwich Public Schools & Greenwich Public Library Summer Reading Collections

Greenwich Public Schools

Greenwich Public Library

(Access Public Library Website)

Greenwich Public Schools Elementary Reading Collection
Grades K-1 Grades K-1
Grades 2-3 Grades 2-3
Grades 4-5 Grades 4-5
Grade 6 Grades 6-8
Grade 7 Award Winners
Grade 8

You and your child can browse the collection, and enjoy on your computer, tablet, smartphone or eReader device. The borrowed eBooks can be accessed immediately in a web browser with OverDrive Read or downloaded to a Kindle or other other eReader. Of course, the titles are all available in print – and most are also available in eBook format. Whatever your format preference, we have many wonderful reads in store for your child.

Participation in Summer Reading directly impacts student achievement. Recent research confirms that students who do not read or engage in meaningful thinking activities can lose up to 30% of progress gained during their school year. The good news is that the research also shows that students who engage in reading book offerings, discussing books, and offering opportunities to have books read aloud or read-along counteracts any possible summer slide.Establishing a habit of lifelong reading early and nurturing it throughout our children’s school years, is critical to a child’s success in life.

We strongly encourage all parents to visit your Greenwich Public Library branch closest to you. The public librarians will be able to help recommend titles and guide you on how to access them from either the Greenwich Public Schools or Greenwich Library digital collections.

Enjoy your summer and " a world of reading".

Many thanks to the Greenwich Public Schools Library Media Specialists, teachers, literacy specialists, and public librarians who have contributed to this program.