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Middle School Sports Challenge

Bringing back the Banners!


In efforts to rejuvenate the Middle School Sports Programs and keep up with the times, We are bringing back the Championship Banners. Would you like to bring the Banner to your school? Sign up and represent your school today!

Tryouts for Fall Sports are September 5th,7th,8th and 11th

All you need to sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my child's physical good for?

Physicals are good for 13 months

Do I need to fill out a physical for every sport?

No, if the Physical Form on file is current then then all you need to fill out is a Permission Form. However, if the physical is due to expire during a season then you will need to have a physical performed on or before the expiration date. No child will be allowed to participate in any sport at any time with an expired physical.

Do I need to fill out a permission slip for every sport?

Yes, The Sports Permission Slips are sport specific. Unlike the physical, if your child does multiple season sports then you need a permission slip per sport. (example, your child played Soccer in the fall and wants to play Basketball in the winter then they would need one permission slip in the fall and a new one for the winter)

Does my child need to ride the bus to and from an event or competition?

It is the preferred method of travel. Your child is expected to ride the bus to and from events. This is done for many reasons (team bonding, talk time with coach, reflection after a game, etc...) however, in the rare exception that you need to pick them up or drive them to a contest you will need to have a Travel Release Form filled out and HANDED in by NOON of the day of the contest to the Athletic Director of your school.

Competitive Sports

As a student athlete, you are expected to show appropriate behavior both on and off the athletic field. Any insubordinate, rude or argumentative actions, words or behaviors towards teammates, coaches, refs or fans may be grounds for removal from the team. The final decision will be made by administration after conferencing with the coaching staff and athletic coordinator.

Fall - boys soccer, girls soccer, field hockey, co-ed volleyball

Winter - boys and girls basketball

Spring - baseball, softball and co-ed track and field.

Any student wishing to try out for a competitive sport must have a sports physical on file with the nurse, and turn in a permission slip and concussion acknowledgement form for each season in which the student wishes to participate - Fall, Winter, Spring. Upon making a team, parents will be expected to read and follow the Parent pick Up Policy below.

Game and practice schedules will be posted seasonally. All starts times for games will be 3:30 unless otherwise posted. Our expectation is that all players will make a 100% commitment to team. Practices typically run 3-4 days per week until 4:30. Any changes will be made by each coach and players will be informed in a timely manner. Please remember that the fall and spring seasons can be wet and rainy and sometimes practices and/games are cancelled or changed based on field conditions. Weather related announcements will be made to athletes by 1:00pm on the day of the event. Schedules for games and practices will be handed out and posted once tryouts have ended.


Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Results and Announcements

Fall Sports

Winter Sports

Spring Sports

Tournament Dates

Fall Sports

Boys' Soccer October 27th

Girls' Soccer October 27th

Field Hockey October 27th

Volleyball November 2nd

Winter Sports

Boys' Basketball TBA

Girls' Basketball TBA

Spring Sports

Baseball TBA

Softball TBA

Track & Field TBA


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Girls' Soccer WMS@EMS
Eastern Middle School
Volleyball EMS@CMS
Central Middle School
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Boys' A Soccer CMS@WMS
Western Middle School
Boys' B Soccer WMS@CMS
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