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Assessing Student Performance

On the evening of November 29 the PTA sponsored a meeting to explain the various assessments an elementary student experiences during their K-5 career in Greenwich. Among the items discussed we explained the differences between Formative and Summative assessments.

Formative- these assessments provide teachers with ongoing data that is used to improve teaching and learning. These tend to be less formal in nature and may consist of student responses to a discussion topic, exit slips, quizzes, graphic organizers, Summative- these assessments measure the level of success a student has had with a specific unit or course of study. Finals, the ACT and SAT are all examples of this form of assessment. For elementary students the SBA test (grades 3-4-5) is a summative assessment.

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Visit the District’s Comprehensive Assessment System web page for more information on standardized, formative and benchmarking assessments.

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