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6-8 Library Media and Technology Curriculum

Transdisciplinary Strand 5: Literature Appreciation and Independent Learning

Standard 5: Students read widely and use a variety of digital media resources for personal growth, independent learning and enjoyment.
Enduring Understanding: Reading is a foundation skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment.
Essential Question: How can reading become a foundational skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment?
1.  Develop appreciation and self-motivation as a reader.
•    Participate in read-aloud, storytelling, and booktalking, silent and voluntary reading experiences.
•    Demonstrate active listening skills
•    Demonstrate self-motivation as a reader.
•    Identify award-winning books, their selection criteria and attributes
•    Read from a variety of genres of literature.
•    Demonstrate awareness of literature from various cultures and genres.
•    Recognize reading is a lifelong pursuit.
•    Incorporate critical and creative thinking skills to evaluate literary elements.

2.  Collaborate and share knowledge of information and literary sources.
•    Collaborate with others, both in person and through technologies, to share knowledge of literary sources, both print and non-print.
•    Share books by favorite authors and illustrators.

3.   Determine and select materials appropriate to personal abilities and interests.
•    Understand and use the library as an information and pleasure reading source.
•    Select resources both within and outside the school for personal and informational purposes.
•    Develop and communicate personal criteria for selecting resources for information needs and enjoyment.

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