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Ideas for Helping your Child Feel Successful and Valued

When your child misbehaves, focus on the behavior, not your child.  Let your child know you care and that you accept them, no matter what.




•  Give encouragement with words and hugs.
•  Praise children’s efforts honestly and sincerely with specific comments rather than just general ones such     as “Great job!”  Instead say, “I like the way you helped me get everything ready for our picnic,” “I know you really worked hard on your art project.”
•  Let your child know you value his or her individuality.  “I love you just the way you are.”
•  Help children explore opportunities to find out who they are, rather than persuading them to be who you think they should be.
•  Provide many different opportunities for children to experience success that are challenging but not too difficult.
•  Offer a variety of activities to allow children to express their ideas and feelings creatively.
•  Let children do things for themselves that they are capable of doing safety, such as helping you to prepare     a meal, folding laundry, and washing the car (even if you can do these things faster and better).
•  Listen to your children and be supportive of their ideas and concerns.
•  Be a positive model for your kids by valuing your self and being positive.
•  Refrain from name calling or labeling children with negative words, or assigning a role to your child.  He/she is our “wild child,” etc.
•  Avoid compliments with added critical comments such as “You did a nice job cleaning your room, but it looks like you forgot to put all your books on the bookshelf.”
•  Avoid comparing your child to other children.  Each child is unique and should be valued for who they are.

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