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Mission, Vision and Strategic Improvement Planning

Mission - written by the Board of Education

Board of Education Policy E-000 states, "All District operations and resources will be directed toward fulfilling the Mission, Values, and Beliefs in word, action, policy, and decision-making."

Vision of the Graduate - established by the Greenwich Community

The Vision of the Graduate outlines the individual capacities that, in addition to acquiring a core body of knowledge, each student is expected to develop by the time they graduate from Greenwich High School. 'The Vision' was established by a cross-role, representative task force in 2008-09, including teachers, students, parents, elected officials, administrators, members of the Board of Education, and representation from corporations and higher education. The task force gathered input from all stakeholder groups in the Greenwich Community for developing and writing The Vision. All schools, programs and departments of the Greenwich Public Schools are responsible for aligning their goals, practices, instruction, curriculum, and/or services toward achievement of The Vision.

Success System - written by District Administration, adopted by Board of Education

Board of Education Ends Policy E-010 (Strategic Roadmap and Annual Goals) stipulates: The Success System shall be comprised of measures of the District’s performance in key arenas including student achievement, whole student development, resource management, learning and working environment, governance and leadership and community engagement. The District will provide summary information in an easily understood, “dashboard” format that will effectively communicate the District’s results to the community.

District Strategic Improvement Plan - written and executed by the Greenwich District Data Team (GDDT)

The District’s Three-Year Strategic Improvement Plan is developed and monitored by the Greenwich District Data Team (GDDT). The GDDT meets monthly to monitor data and District action plans, and to develop ongoing strategies for improvement for the District as a whole. The GDDT is divided into six subcommittees, each one charged with assuring that the action plans are implemented.


Board of Education Policies - written and adopted by the Board of Education
The Board of Education is responsible for establishing the Ends and Limitations Policies for the District. Policies represent the outcomes or ‘ends’ that the Board is seeking for the District and the boundaries or ‘limitations’ that are set for accomplishing those outcomes. In addition, the Board has developed Governance Policies to oversee the operations of the Board itself and Board/Superintendent Relations Policies for supervising the Superintendent.

Administrative Procedures
- written by District Administration

District Administration develops and executes the Procedures – or the methods for implementing, achieving, and/or maintaining a given Policy.

Monitoring Reports - written by District Administration, accepted by Board of Education
Monitoring Reports are presented annually to the Board of Education for each of the Ends and Limitations Policies. A Monitoring Reports is a comprehensive annual report presented to the Board of Education by Administration. The report summarizes compliance with a given Board Policy, detailing governance issues, management issues, and progress made toward achieving goals and objectives set in previous reports and/or by the District’s Strategic Improvement Plan and the Board of Education’s Success System.

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