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Open Choice Application for 2008-09 School Year 

2008-09 Open Choice Brochure/Application
2008-09 Open Choice Application (Single Page pdf Document)

Open Choice Process 2008

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I. What Schools are Open Choice Schools for the 2008-2009?
*Open Choice Schools for 2008-2009:
• Cos Cob
• North Mianus
• North Street
• Old Greenwich
• Parkway
• Riverside

*Please remember that Open Choice seats are based on enrollment and space availability in each of the Open Choice Schools. If a school does not have adequate space to accommodate students beyond the neighborhood attendance zone, seats will not be dedicated for Open Choice seats. It is important to note that North Mianus, North Street and Riverside have high enrollment and utilization and it is unlikely that there will be space to accommodate Open Choice seats.

**Glenville is not an Open Choice School in 2008-2009 due to Glenville’s move to the modular facility during school construction. New Lebanon will not be an Open Choice School due to the 2008-2009 magnet planning process (full magnet implementation in 2009-2010).

II. Who should apply?

A. To qualify for Open Choice a studentmust have attended a Greenwich Public Schools elementary school for at least two years AND be currently below grade level/profiency level in reading (entering 2nd-5th), writing (entering 5th), and/or math (entering 5th.)

To qualify for Open Choice, a student must have attended a Greenwich Public Schools elementary school for at least two years AND be currently below grade level/proficiency level in reading (entering 2nd-5th), writing (entering 5th) and/or math (entering 5th). Although, 3rd graders take the CMT in March of each year, this information will not be available for students entering 4th grade during the lottery timeline. Therefore, we can not use writing or math as an indicator for “below grade level” identification in grades 2-4.


 *Entering 2nd Winter Gr 1 DRA
(Below level 10)
 *N/A *N/A
 *Entering 3rd Fall Gr 2 DRP
(Below 23)
 *N/A *N/A
 Entering 4th Fall Gr 3 DRP
(Below 35)
 *N/A *N/A
 Entering 5th Spring Gr 3 CMT
 Below Proficient
 Spring Gr 3 CMT
Below Proficient
Spring Gr 3 CMT
Below Proficient
 *N/A:  We do not have consistent benchmark or summative assessments in writing and
math for students entering 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grades

III.  Application & Selection Process

A.   May 9, 2008 is the APPLICATION DEADLINE for inclusion in the May lottery.  The application must be postmarked or hand delivered by May 9, 2008 to Mr. John Curtin at 290 Greenwich Avenue.  The majority of available Open Choice seats will be filled by the May lottery.

B.   On time applicants will be selected for admission within the limits of space availability.  If the number of applications exceeds the number of available seats, a lottery will be conducted. 

C.  Class size guidelines and facility utilization will be used to determine availability of Open Choice seats.

D.  Neither the date nor the order of applications received during the application process will be a factor in the selection of students for the school.  However, if your application is received after May 9, 2008 your child’s name will not be included in the May lottery, but will be included in any subsequent lotteries conducted to fill available seats. 

E.  An applicant may indicate up to three open choice schools on his/her application.

G.  ALL applicants will have an opportunity to be selected assuming there are empty seats available. No student will be denied the opportunity to be selected because of gender, race, ethnic group, or special education need.

H.  A certain number of seats will be left vacant at each grade level for students transferring into the mandatory attendance area, between the application process and the start of school.

I.   If more than one child in a family is applying to an Open Choice School, each child must complete a separate application form. No sibling preference will be given to either child.

J.   If a student is not accepted, we may, depending on availability of Open Choice seats, conduct subsequent lotteries. 

K.  The children who do not get into the school for the 2008-2009 school year must reapply for possible admittance in 2009-2010.

L.   If an applicant applies to more than one school, priority will be to assign the child to his/her first preference; however, he/she may be assigned to any one of his/her listed choices.  If the applicant refuses to accept one of his/her listed choices, he/she will not be maintained in the applicant pool for other schools listed. 

M.  After a student is accepted into an Open Choice school, parents must confirm in writing that their child will attend by June 6, 2008.

N.  If a student is retained in a grade other than the grade to which he/she applied, his/her application will be considered null and void and a new application must be submitted for the proper grade. 

O.  If an Open Choice student moves within the Town of Greenwich, he/she has a right to remain in the Open Choice school until he/she completes their 5th grade school year. 

P.  Students in Open Choice schools who move outside the Town of Greenwich do not have the right to return to the Open Choice school if they subsequently move back into town.  They must reapply for the Open Choice school during the application timeline.

IV.  Is transportation provided?

•    Students who are accepted into an Open Choice school will be provided transportation. 

V.  Do applicants have to be currently attending the Greenwich Public Schools?

•    Students must attend a Greenwich Public Schools’ elementary school for two years to be considered for the Open Choice lottery. 

VI.  What happens after the Lottery?

When the lottery process is completed, the parent/guardian will be notified in writing if his/her child has been selected for admission to an Open Choice school.  An accepted application into the school will be considered as a commitment to attend.  Parents will be given a date for an acceptance response (June 6, 2008).  If a response is not received by that date, the Open Choice seat will be forfeited and given to the next individual on the waiting list.  Should one sibling be admitted, but not the other, the parents may choose to decline admission.  Those who decline admission will no longer be included in any subsequent lotteries. 

VII.  School Year and Middle School Assignment:

•    Once a school year begins and the student actually attends an Open Choice school, the assignment is final for the remainder of the school year.  If a parent/guardian decides to withdraw a student from the school for the following school year, a written request must be submitted to the principal by January 30th.  The student will then be assigned to a school based on the parent/guardian’s address. 
•    Students completing the fifth grade at one of our Open Choice schools, may choose to attend the Open Choice school’s middle school or their assigned neighborhood middle school.

VIII.  Application, Selection, and Enrollment Timeline

 Date Application Process
 April 21, 2008
 Applications are available
on the district’s website.
May 9, 2008  
 Applications Due
May 16, 2008
 Centralized Lottery
 Week of May 20, 2008  
 Notification of acceptance
 IMPORTANT: Acceptance due by June 6, 2008

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