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Our Mission  
Our focus is helping students achieve at the highest levels. To strengthen this mission, the Greenwich Public Schools Professional Learning Program supports educators with continuing development and expansion of their content knowledge and repertoire of skills. 

Our Philosophy
Effective professional learning focuses primarily on improving student learning. It begins with an analysis of disaggregated data and is evaluated by results in improved student performance. When professional learning is aligned with school and district goals, it

¨     Contributes to systemic change

¨     Enables educators to connect to one another in sustained, 
       interdependent ways

¨     Helps form strong professional learning communities

Quality professional learning should also encourage teacher reflection and risk taking in a safe environment and encourage teachers to be responsible for their own learning. As a source of long-term support and inspiration, our professional learning program is ongoing throughout a teacher’s career. We promote motivated, life-long learners with a program that addresses a core set of knowledge and skills and is

¨     Job embedded

¨     Differentiated for educators’ levels of experience and need

¨     Shared, implemented and/or monitored

Professional Learning Activities
The Professional Learning Program is administered by Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning (CIPL).

Last year, the Professional Learning Program offered over 200 classes with more than 900 sessions. Educators were able to develop their classroom management skills, receive training in the latest education technology, curriculum mapping and data assessment, explore their subject areas in greater depth and collaborate with colleagues on new projects.

Our goal is to continually learn about learning.  We encourage educators to share their specialized knowledge and experience with colleagues by proposing and/or instructing professional learning activities that will improve teacher effectiveness, enhance staff intellectual and leadership capacity and make Greenwich Public Schools a “learning organization” on every level.

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