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The Giver Issues Project –Getting Started

You will research the following questions.  Be sure to state quotes, statistics, sources, etc., in your research presentation to make it strong and valid. 

a)      Why does this problem exist in our culture?  What caused it?  Where did it stem from?

b)      How does it affect our society?  Who is affected?  What other problems does it create? 

c)      How have people in our society tried to change or solve the problem? Have any of these solutions been successful in any way? 



Ideas for Subtopics:

·         Food insecurity

·         Reasons/Causes of Hunger and Poverty

o       Natural disasters such as famine, drought, storms, etc.

o       conflict/war/government (political)
o       education, unemployment
·         U.S. Hunger/poverty
·         World Hunger/poverty

Learn About Hunger

Poverty and Hunger Statistics

Poverty Facts and Stats

Hunger Facts: Domestic (in USA)

Hunger Facts: International

Causes of Hunger are related to Poverty

Causes Behind Hunger in America

Hunger: Facing the Facts

Share our Strength
Tonight, over 12 million children in America will go to bed wondering if they will eat in the morning…

Fast Facts about Hunger

From the World Food Programme

Food and Water:  Enough for Everyone?


Children in Poverty

Basic Facts about Low-Income Children
Published by the national Center for Children in Poverty

Child Poverty
Published by the national Center for Children in Poverty

Understanding Poverty

Poverty Reduction Framework
Pillars and Themes of the Enhanced Poverty Reduction Strategy

Oxfam's aim is to get rid of poverty - everywhere. Mission Impossible?



Ideas for Subtopics:

·        All biases:

·         Racism

·         Sexism

·         Ageism

·         Class-ism (economics perhaps)

·         _______-ism

·         religion

·        Hate crimes

Sources, causes, forms and contemporary manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

Facts About Age Discrimination

Discrimination from Wikipedia

Prejudice and Discrimination

Origins of Prejudice 


Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Elderly abuse, mistreatment, neglect

·        Ageism

·        Health issues of the elderly and how it impacts the family/the individual

·        Cost of or Lack of healthcare/health insurance

·         Price of prescription medication

·        Who is caring for the elderly? 

·        Who pays to care for the elderly?

·         Cost of assisted living facilities

·         Costs for a family to care for the elderly at home

Dementia - our society's forgotten victims

Depression in the Elderly

Taking Care of Elderly Family Members

Diseases of Aging

Suicide Fact Sheet about the Elderly from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Seniors With Late Life Depression May Not Recover Assisted Suicide and its Dangers

Community Helps Elderly Live Longer

Nursing Home Facts

Living Old: Cost of Care



Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Pollution

·        Global warming

·        Green house effect

·        Overuse of fossil fuels

·        Littering

·        Recycling

·        Alternative fuels

·        Laws about the environment/enforcing those laws

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

The Pollution Problem: 
The causes and effects of the land, air, and water pollution problem

State of the Environment: Facts & Figures

Environmental Awareness:  Knowing Your World

Environment and Society

Environment 101

Global Warming:  What it is

Pollution Solutions

Major Air Pollutants

Our Earth



Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Youth violence/Juvenile Delinquency

·        Weapons

·        Gangs

·        Drugs

·        Law enforcement agencies/shortage in law enforcement

·        Legal system/prisons—prison overcrowding

The Disaster Center:  United States: Uniform Crime Report: 
State Statistics 1960-2005

Juvenile Delinquency

The Nature and Causes of Crime

About the USA, Society, Crime & Justice

Key Crime & Justice Facts at a Glance

Bureau of Justice Statistics Home Page

Bureau of Justice Statistics Firearms & Crime Statistics

Common Sense about Kids and Guns, Gun Violence Prevention, Gun Safety 



Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Divorce

·        domestic violence; spousal abuse

·        child abuse/neglect

·        how unemployment/low wages or welfare effects a family

·        how addictions can affect homelife

=      alcohol, drug, gambling, spending addictions

Marriage & Family Processes

Family Works:  Strategies for Building Stronger Families

NCHS 2004 Fact Sheet
Married Adults are Healthiest



Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Physical Health/sickness

·        Health insurance costs; people who are uninsured

·        Pregnancy

·        Disease

·         Especially long term diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc.

·        Mental Health

·        Genetics

·        Addiction

·         Alcoholism

·         Drug addiction

National Center for Health Statistics

Types of Illnesses and Disabilities

CDC:  Diseases and Conditions 



Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Violence, injury, death of soldiers and civilians

·        How the war has changed people, who the war effects the most

·        The aftermath of war (soldiers coming home)

·        Cost of war on nations/governments/taxpayers

Three World War Statistics Compared

U.S. Veteran Statistics



Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Literacy/Illiteracy

·        Drop outs

·        Learning disabilities (such as Dyslexia, Processing Disorders, Memory difficulties)

·        Cost of education—private school, college, taxes for public education, etc.

·        How poverty or low income effects a person’s education

·        Racial imbalance in education

·        Equal educational opportunity

·        Teacher shortages

·        Overcrowded or unsafe schools

·        Unequal access to educational technology

Literacy from Wikipedia

Common Causes of Illiteracy

Facts about Illiteracy

Illiteracy on the rise in America

Problems of Education,7829,773954-,00.html

The Silent Epidemic — The Health Effects of Illiteracy



Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Animal Control

·        Animal Rights/Laws protecting animals

·        Overpopulation

·        Stray animals

·        Transmission of disease

·         Lyme disease, rabbies, etc.

·        Cost to care for a domesticated animal or a pet

·        What it takes to be a responsible pet owner

·        Animal abuse and neglect

·        Loss of habitat for wild animals

·        Extinction

Pet Care Costs


  Unemployment/Low Wages


Ideas for Subtopics:

·        Causes of unemployment

·        The outcome of being unemployed; how unemployment effects daily life

·        Poverty

·        low wages

·        minimum wage jobs

·        welfare benefits

·        unemployment benefits

·        compare the cost of living to the unemployment benefits a person receives or to the amount of money a person makes working a minimum wage

·        relation of eduation/illiteracy to unemployment


Some Links that May Be Helpful:

Gcse economics - the big picture: unemployment – causes

Four Main Causes of Unemployment

Unemployment from Wikipedia



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