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The Greenwich Food Service Department has always prided itself on meeting the dietary needs of our student population. Over time our program has strived to meet and balance both the National School Lunch Program’s requirements and our community’s expectations of high quality nutritious products. Historically and continuing today we’re adding program enhancements, a fresher menu and limiting our snack selections. Here are a few of our accomplishments:


  • Greenwich Public School kitchens have no deep fat fryers. All foods are baked, roasted, sautéed or steamed.
  • Our menus have been transitioning to include more whole foods, whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables. Some of our home made products include: roasted meats (turkey breast, chicken drumsticks and quarters, meat loaf) and meat sauces, taco meat made from ground beef and turkey, fresh salads with lean protein, pasta dishes and hummus. Grain and bread products are being transitioned to include more or all whole grain including: pastas, rice, sandwich breads/rolls, crusts and baked goods.
  • “I Tried It” sticker program introduced at K-5 level. Samples of new food items given to students at all levels to encourage trying our new menu items. A few of the samples have included: home made hummus, roasted zucchini, tempura chicken, orange glazed carrots and Barilla Plus pasta. Recipes are being created by our on-staff CIA graduate.
  • Our K-8 schools have been introduced to the new MyPlate icon on their serving lines. This new tool, developed by the USDA, is a fun and simple way for students to make healthier food choices while encouraging a balanced meal approach.
  • Vegetarian options available daily at all schools and are highlighted on both the menu and serving lines.
  • Snack selections in all schools are limited and meet the CSDE Nutrition standard. Beverage options are limited to: low-fat and fat free milks, 100% juice and water. Cookie and ice cream sales in elementary schools are an administrative site based decision with reference to frequency, product mix and grade sensitivity. Fresh fruit selections are primarily based on seasonal availability
  • When possible, local food and suppliers are used to ensure the freshest products while supporting regional economies. Some of these products include our: breads and rolls, dairy products and seasonal produce.
  • Nutrition information available on our website for all products served in our schools. Nutrition labels posted at GHS service stations for customer information.
  • Ingredient labels/information posted on website to help identify allergens and carbohydrate information for interested parties.
  • Staff “Skills Training” Workshops are taking place to ensure personnel have the knowledge and the tools they need to incorporate menu changes that are taking place.
  • On the technology front, we’ve implemented “MyLunchMoney.com” This web based program when used with our Cash Register Debit System provides parents with a convenient and safe platform to manage their child’s school lunch account including: viewing a dining history, setting spending limits and making deposits into their accounts with a bank card.

The Food Service Department is already on the move. We have actively made or are in the process of making these changes a reality in our schools. While the transition is a delicate process, we are committed to bringing you a diverse selection of high quality products translating to healthier, more nutritious food.

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