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21st Century Learning & Technology Plan
June 2007 Update

"Do You Know...2.0?"


The goals of the Greenwich Public Schools Technology Plan were carefully aligned with the district vision, mission and strategic directions.  In addition, the goals furthered the district’s goal to ensure that students meet proficiency for Information and Technology Literacy Standards as led by the Media and Technology Program. In a time when change is the rule rather than the exception, students need to learn how to adapt to the explosion of new information. In effect, teaching them how to learn is the most critical responsibility we have to our students.  It is not only about what we teach; it is about how we teach it.  Our students need the skills necessary to work, live, learn and interact in a 21st Century world.  Students must be able to use information efficiently, effectively, creatively and responsibly in an ever-changing global world.  The standards demand that technology be used within the context of academic content. The goals of the Greenwich Public Schools Technology Plan will help us expand the vision to ensure that students are prepared for their future.

According to David Warlick, an educator and consultant with expertise on 21st century literacy and instructional technology, “For the first time in history, we are preparing our students for a future we cannot clearly describe.” In order to compete in their world, students need to be collaborators, problem-solvers, effective communicators, creative thinkers, inventors and be socially, globally and ethically responsible in the way they interact with the world. The tools of the 21st Century assist our students as well as help teachers present ideas and information in this new context.  Within the online world, information is growing at record rates due to a shift in paradigm of how we use and interact with information on the Web.  The Web has evolved from a system that connects computers to one that connects people.  The Web 1.0 which was accessible to those who were technically-skilled is now available to anyone through Web 2.0 tools. The Technology Plan’s goals speak to the larger issues of preparing our students for their future, providing professional learning for teachers to use information technology tools and resources in the everyday business of teaching, and ensuring proper and adequate funding and resources necessary to equip our classrooms for teaching digitally. 

The key goals of the Technology Plan are:

  • To fully integrate technology into the academic curriculum and to ensure that skills are taught in context.
  • Provide professional learning opportunities for teachers to be able to integrate technology in the classroom, use the tools for productivity and use assessment data to inform and differentiate instruction.
  • Ensure equitable access to high-quality digital resources to facilitate student learning.
  • Develop a performance-based method for assessing student learning for information and technology literacy.
  • Develop a schema of current and future financing requirements to support the Greenwich Public Schools Technology Plan.

Our journey for creating a vision for the 21st century learning, providing teachers with the tools and resources needed to teach in context and assessing student ICT skills will enable us to ensure their future success.  The goals of the Greenwich Public Schools Technology Plan can help frame the larger district discussion on a vision that includes 21st Century learning and skills. We have begun a journey that with support the need to meet these goals while opening up the discussion and awareness to all teachers and administrators. Assessing student learning, using the data to differentiate and focus instruction and ensuring that teachers are trained and provided with the tools and resources in their classrooms to teach digitally become part of our roadmap to succeed in our mission to prepare our students for the 21st Century


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