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In creating an optimal learning environment where all children’s needs are met, they will be involved in a variety of activities that fall under seven broad developmental domains.  To prepare your child for school success, you can complete many of these activities with your child at home prior to starting school.

Physical well-being and motor development

Has the health, alertness, and motor skills needed to function successfully by—

  • climbing on playground equipment
  • playing games
  • jumping, running, skipping, and galloping
  • building with blocks
  • buttoning, zipping, and tying
  • writing, drawing, and painting
  • putting puzzles together

Personal and social development

Shows ability to interact positively with peers and adults by—

  • learning to take turns
  • helping with household chores
  • expressing feelings
  • picking up toys and personal belongings
  • playing with other children
  • learning to problem solve

Reading and language arts development

Uses listening, speaking, reading, and writing to communicate and understand print by—

  • naming letters of the alphabet
  • recognizing name in print
  • writing own name
  • looking at pictures in a book and predicting what the book  might be about
  • reading books
  • retelling stories read
  • visiting the public library
  • listening to stories on tape
  • telling stories
  • reciting nursery rhymes and poems
  • talking about everyday events, trips, outings
  • using magnetic alphabet letters
  • learning new words

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