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Grade 6 – Computer Skills Course

Focus:  The 6th grade Computer Skills course is a survey class that provides foundation skills to enable students to effectively,
efficiently and responsibly utilize technology and information sources.  The Information and Technology Literacy curriculum
emphasizes 21st Century skills to communicate, problem-solve and collaborate in an ever-complex global society.

 TimelineContent / Skills
Lesson/Project Resources
 Class 1

Course Overview

Bookmark homepage

Responsible & Ethical Use

Rules of the road.

Vocabulary: dock, icon , bookmark

Create "Computer Skills" folder 

 Copy of the District AUP.

TechKnow Park – Computer & Technology Skills

6th Gr. Computer Skills Outline 

Computer Viruses, Vandals, Hoaxes 

Summarize the rules in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Successfully add applications to dock 

Successfully create "computer skills" folder 


1 -  22

Keyboarding techniques.

Keyboarding for accuracy & speed. 

 5-10 minutes of keyboarding practice at beginning of each class period.

Keyboarding Practice. 

Online Touch Typing 

Keyboarding Technique Checklist 

Complete UltraKey lessons 1-9

Goal on UltraKey typing test: 20 wpm/ 90% accuracy


Class 2-5

Basic word processing review of formatting skills.

Vocabulary:  menu bar, tool bar, formatting palette, file extension

Formatting a Document

Keyboard Shortcuts table

Key Caps: Foreign Language Accents/ MathSymbols

Popcorn exercise.  

WP diagram w/labels.

Type letter - reformat according to instructions

Create shortcuts table

Complete key caps exercise 

 Create poster or brochure based
on AUP summary. 

 Advanced Word Processing
/Desktop Publishing

 Explain difference between desktop publishing and word processing.

Use drawing, columns, graphics and other tools to create a polished document.: 

 Completed project based on rubric provided.
Class 6

Computer operations - operating system,
navigate through desktop and files. 

Vocabulary: browser, search engine, URL, domain, Boolean searching, links, truncation, standalone computer,LAN, WAN, file extension types.


 Internet Literacy Test

Discuss vocabulary 

Class 12-17

Use multimedia tools to create linear or non-linear presentation.
Storyboard organizer.
Appropriate rules for effective design.

Insert clip art/graphics – crop and/or format.

Include background and transition.

Vocabulary: PowerPoint,  outline view, slide sorter view, slide view, format, transition, animation

 Multimedia Diner - Graphics, Effects and more.

Storyboard planner. 

What is Multimedia? 

Finished multimedia presentation.

Assessment rubric to be used.

Class 7-10


Web Authority - Who is the author? What are the author's qualifications?

Misinformation: Truth or Spoof 


Search Engines -  compare Google, Dogpile, Yahoo, Ask

Citing web resources using citationmachine.net 



Internet AUTHOR-ity 

Power to Learn case studies: Misinformation: Truth or Spoof 

Search engine worksheet

Citing Web Resources 


Urban Legends Reference Pages

PPI Primate Programming Inc. spoof site 

Gone Phishin'

What is Phishing?  Information from Paypal 

Tools for Teaching Search Habits

Journey Inside: The Internet from Intel 

The Boolean Machine 



Complete worksheet 

Participation in class  discussion

Complete worksheet

Correctly formatted Works Consulted  slide in PowerPoint presentation 

Class 19-20


Create spreadsheet of 'Pizza" database data; graph

Create own spreadsheets and graphs: pets, movies; favorite TV shows; favorite books 

 Single-use spreadsheet

 Online Technology Practice Modules -Excel

Standard Toolbar 

Spreadsheet diagram

Create a Graph Tool 

Online Spreadsheet Resources 

Class 18 -19


Explore Online databases: Destiny, SIRS

Create "Pizza" database; sort, filter, sub-total data 

 Collection of Lessons, Activities, Handouts and Tutorials 
Class 11-12

Responsible and ethical use

Internet Safety:
Power To Learn: Keeping Personal Info Private 
Power to Learn: Cyberbullying


 Copyright with Cyberbee - do the online exercise.

Power to Learn - Internet Smarts Case Studies. 


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