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Sheila Civale

STEM Coordinator (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)


Recent Presentations

Middle School Advanced Studies presented February 24, 2016


Greenwich Public School students will be challenged to become critical consumers of scientific information, engage in public discourse underpinning science related concepts, and be motivated to explore issues facing science and society to develop as lifelong learners. 

At Greenwich we believe children are born investigators who are naturally curious about the world around them. As such our rigorous science curriculum encourages students to: 

Engage in authentic, real world inquiry investigations 

Pose scientific questions using phrases like "I notice, I wonder, I think" 

Engage in the "Scientific Practices" of real scientists and engineers: Observing, predicting, classifying, designing, hypothesizing, investigating, drawing conclusions 

Collaborate, problem solve, and communicate with peers 

Use science manipulatives & other state-of-the-art science tools 

Read science nonfiction texts with increasing complexity: Articles, books, digital texts 

Produce and consume digital technology 

In GPS, assessment in science is designed to be coherent system of varied and valid measures that both inform instruction and improve student learning while documenting their progress. 

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