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Notes from the Nurse:

Procedures and Guidelines for Medications in School

Greenwich Public Schools have strict guidelines and procedures about the dispensation of medications at school.  Please click here to read a letter from the Cos Cob School Health Office about these procedures.

Physical Education Restrictions and Exclusions

Students (or their parents) requesting physical education restrictions or exclusions must be seen by the School Nurse prior to exemption from gym activities. If a child is excluded from physical education, that child must not participate in recess. If a physician believes that a student should be excluded from physical education for more than one week, the parents should have the physician complete a restriction form or write a note stating the nature and length of exclusion. a re-entry letter from the doctor is required before a child may resume physical education/recess.

Use Of Crutches In School

A child requiring use of crutches/wheelchair/cane in school must bring a note from the doctor to the health office and meet with the nurse prior to entry. This note should include reason for use, ability to manage stairs, length of use (with dates) and any activity restrictions.

Use of Medication At School

Students are not allowed to bring/take medication while in school unless the appropriate paperwork has been completed by a physician and parents have met with the nurse beforehand. In addition to prescription medication, this regulation applies to cough drops and over the counter medications such as Tylenol, cough syrup, etc. If you have any questions, please see the school nurse.

Head Lice

Greenwich Public Schools, in agreement with the Harvard School of Public Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Association of School Nurses, recognizes that the management of head lice should not disrupt the educational process, especially since no disease process is associated with head lice. Further best practice suggests that regular head lice screening in schools does little to reduce the incidence of head lice. Rather it is more important that parents regularly inspect their child for head lice, perhaps at the same time they inspect their child for the presence of deer ticks, a far more serious threat to their child's health.

Further, as we all know, all health information regarding students is absolutely confidential, and the student's privacy must be respected. Therefore, any child who exhibits any symptoms of head lice should be referred to the school nurse who will work with the student's parents to care for the child and avoid further cases. "The school nurse retains an important role in educating all constituencies about pediculosis and dispelling myths and stigmas regarding lice infestation." (National Association of School Nurses, Position Statement 2004). The school nurse will provide information about pediculosis to parents and staff. Any questions can be directed to Kathy Mignone, School Health Supervisor at 625-7494.

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