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Irene E. Parisi
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning

Student and Parent News 

To support the Advanced Studies placement process in our Middle Schools for Mathematics, Science and World Language, Greenwich Public Schools has instituted an Appeals Process. To initiate an appeal,  please complete the Appeals Application and return it to your child's current building principal. All appeals should be received by May 30, 2014 to be considered. The Advanced Learning Program (ALP) Appeal Process can be found here. 

Recent Presentations

Advanced Studies in the Middle School - March 18, 2015Town Hall Meeting Room 


The Greenwich Public Schools are committed to a comprehensive process of curriculum development, planning and assessment to foster continuous improvement of student performance as measured by the highest local, regional, national and international standards of excellence. A viable curriculum includes the pacing (scope and sequence) of content, big ideas, essential questions, concepts, and skills taught in a particular discipline (or combination of disciplines, for interdisciplinary curricula); textbooks and other core materials; identified measurable student learning objectives; and the methods of assessing student performance of learning objectives.

Greenwich Public Schools has been engaging in the process of mapping the curriculum using a digital tool. This digital venue will provide teachers and administrators with easy access to both the district written curriculum in a horizontal (same grade level and/or same discipline) and vertical (different grade levels and/or different disciplines) view.  

Curriculum Mapping will increase communication, curricular dialogue and coherency across the district.

The Board of Education is responsible for establishing the PK-12 Program of Studies for the Greenwich Public Schools; for adopting measurable student learning objectives for each curriculum; for approving textbooks; and for approving all course additions or deletions. In accordance with Connecticut General Statute 10220, this is a collaborative process, involving input from teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and students, as appropriate.

The district holds an annual curriculum institute for teachers across PK-12 and all content areas to come together with a singular goal; to renew the curriculum in order to be responsive to the student and teacher needs. Guiding this philosphy, goals and philosophy of curriculum design is the GPS Curriculum Management Plan

To further support curriculum design and develop, the district has developed a common curriculum language to support professional dialogue. The language is communicated in the district  Essential Curriculum Map Elements Glossary


Assessment News

Please visit GPS and SBA for information regarding Smarter Balanced Testing 2016

GPS Elementary Assessment Calendar

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