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Curriculum Differentiation

The activities used in the William and Mary Language Arts units support increased levels of complexity that are essential curriculum elements for high ability learners.

  1. Literature has been selected using specific criteria for high ability learners.
  2. The inquiry model of discussion moves students from initial reactions to analysis and interpretation of a reading or speech. It forces students to consider multiple perspectives and use reasoning to create understanding.
  3. Vocabulary study in the unit goes beyond definitions. It models detailed study of challenging words including investigation of etymology, antonyms, synonyms, and related words.
  4. Consideration of issues is treated at several levels of sophistication. Individual points of view are supported and argued through techniques of persuasion in oral and written form.
  5. Grammar is treated as a system of thought rather than a set of rules.
  6. Interdisciplinary connections are made in the unit, not only by integrating the language arts with the "sister" arts of music and visual arts but also with areas of social, cultural, economic, and political inquiry.

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