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20th Century America

Progressive Era

World War I

The Great Depression and New Deal

Rise of Dictators & World War II

The Cold War

The Vietnam War

The Great Society

Women's Rights

Environmental Movement

Civil Rights Movement

Revolutions in Central and Latin America

Nixon and Watergate

The Gulf War

Reagan Era and Reaganomics

War in Bosnia and Kosovo


Progressive Era (1900-1920)

Progressive Era - Online sources - Original texts and resources. Includes Theodore Roosevelt, major terms.
Progressive Era - World Wide Web Resources
How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis
Letters from Upton Sinclair - includes The Jungle
National American Woman Suffrage Association- from the Library of Congress, this site offers a comprehensive timeline of the events leading up to the 19th Amendment, also includes a searchabledatabase of primary source documents and biographies of key figures.
 Woman Suffrage Home Page
Women and Social Movements in the United States - 123 original documents.
Woodrow Wilson - from the White House
Woodrow Wilson - from the Internet Public Library, this site offers links to speeches, audio clips, other biographical Internet resources including the White House compilation.

World War I (1914-1918)

The Great War - A PBS site devoted to WWI and the shaping of the 20th Century.
Age of Imperialism
World War I
The Great War - Comprehensive site
A Brief Chronology of the War
World War I - includes search by topic, time, people. Provides summary of events.
World War I, The Great War - More links - resources are organized by year.
World War I, Document Archives
World War I, Picture Archives

The Great Depression and the New Deal (1929-1939)

Flapper Culture and Style
American prohibition in the 1920's
Flapper Jane - an article that first appeared in The New Republic (1925)
The Great Depression- An Analysis
The New Deal
The New Deal Network
The Great Depression
Sliding into the Great Depression
The Great Depression and the New Deal - Includes the causes, philosopies and legacies.
Lyrics from Songs of the Great Depression -A fun site.
Photographs from the Great Depression - A Library of Congress site that offers photos of the time as well as links to other resources.

Rise of Dictators and World War II (1929-1939)

World War II - A collection of materials on the web.
World War II Links
The Rise of Adolf Hitler
A-Bomb WWW Museum Includes a general history of World War I.
World War II Documents - The Avalong Project sponsored by Yale Univ.
The Holocaust Museum
A Cybrary of the Holocaust from
The Holocaust - A collection of resources including a chronology of the events and links to other Internet resoruces.
Holocaust Resources

The Cold War (1945-1991)
(Also see "Roots of
Modern America")

The Berlin Wall
The Cold War
The Cold War & Social Attitudes
The Marshall Plan - from the National Archives & Records
The Marshall Plan Home Page - includes videos, speeches, transcripts, etc.
Fidel Castro Archives
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis-Links
Harry S. Truman:The White House

The Vietnam War (1950's-1970's)

Vietnam War Home Page
Vietnam Resources Page
Vietnam War - an overview
Statistics from the Vietnam War
Vietnam War History Page
Vietnam Veterans Home Page

Civil Rights Movement (1950's-1960's)
(Also see "
Roots of Modern America")

Civil Rights Movement Timeline
The Ku Klux Klan
The Tuskegeee Airmen
Brown vs. Board of Education- the historic site..
Brown v. Board of Education Topeka, Kansas
Thurgood Marshall and Brown v. Board of Education
Brown vs. Board of Education Topeka, Kansas
Little Rock, Arkansas
George WallaceMartin Luther King Jr.
Links to other sites about Civil Rights and Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X- An Islamic Perspective
Malcolm X
Prominent African Americans
National Civil Rights Museum-Virtual Tour

The Great Society and Lyndon Johnson Years (1960's)

Full Text of Johnson's Great Society Speech
The Great Society - An encyclopedic entry from Grolier Online with links to Johnson.
Lyndon B. Johnson
The Great Society - An entry from Encarta Online.

Women's Rights Movement (1960's-1970's)
(Also see "
Roots of Modern America")

NOW- history of the organization
Women's Suffrage Movement
Encyclopedia of Women's History
Timeline of the Suffragette Movement

Environmental Movement (1960's - )

Environmental Movement History -
Short History of Environmental Movement - includes impact of the book The Spring.

Revolutions in Central and Latin America (1960's-1980's)

The Bay of Pigs Invasion
Bay of Pigs Invasion - a timeline
Bay of Pigs Resources
Iran/Contra Scandal
Iran/Contra Affair

Nixon and Watergate (1970's)

Nixon: The Man and the Myth
Richard Nixon: The Official Biography
Watergate - The scandal that destroyed a President
The Watergate Scandal - from the Washington Post
Watergate Decade

Reagan Era and Reaganomics (1900's)

Ronald Reagan
Reagan - from Thinkquest
Supply Side Economics

Gulf War (early 1900's)

The Gulf War
The Frontline: The Gulf War
Gulf War Veterans Resources
Desert Storm

Wars in Bosnia and Kosovo (Conflicts with Yugoslavia) (1900's)

War in Bosnia
War through the Eyes of the Children
History of War in Bosnia
Situation in Kosovo from the State Department
Kosovo: A Conflict in Review
Kosovo - A Home Page for the Servian Democratic Movement

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