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Sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction




American Civil War.   A robust collection of links, including extensive biographical  material on significant  Confederate and Federal figures, and Private/Personal Documents describing Civil War experiences.   Other sections  include :  General Resources,  the Secession Crisis and Before, Images of Wartime.  Collected by Dr. George H. Hoemann, Assistant Dean of the University of Tennessee.
 Civil War Women:  Primary Sources on the Internet.    Diaries, letters and documents  from women.Examples include the diary of Alice Williamson, a 16 year old rebel or letters by Rose O'Neal, a Confederate spy.  Duke University.
  The Valley of the Shadow:  Two Communities in the American Civil War.   This site uses primary documents to follow two communities - one from the North, on in the South, during the war and reconstruction.  Diaries, letters and maps.
  Civil War Biographies.
 The Civil War.   Civil War biographies from PBS.
 Africans in America.    Biographical and primary source information from individual Africans during reconstruction.  Click on Resource Bank for all four sections, or click on each of these links to get the entire directory: 1450-1750, 1750-1805 , 1791-1831, 1831-1865.   PBS.
 Slavery in America.   Biographies of slaves and abolitionists.  Spartacus Educational.
  U.S. Political Figures 1760-1900.      Spartacus Educational.

The Causes of War.  At a time when the North and South differed economically and socially, political compromise could no longer quell the division between the two factions. States' rights versus the constitution, tariffs, division of labor, slavery, abolitionism, and legislative mandates all led to the great war. © 1996 United Learning.  United Streaming video.  Password required.

 Causes of the Civil War.   General  overview of the key issues preceding the Civil War.  Segments include: Industrial Revolution, taxes, slavery and abolitionism.  United Streaming video.  Password required.
  Africans in America .  Based on the PBS documentary which examines the impact of slavery in America.
 Doctrine of NullificationNullification Crisis | Southern Carolina Ordinance of Nullification | John C. Calhoun
Doctrine of Nullification   Nullification Crisis of 1832 
 Election of 1860
 Election of 1860  |   U.S. Presidential Election 1860   |  Electoral College 1860
1860 Election Overview
Force Bill Force Bill
 Fugitive SlaveAct

Fugitive Slave Act
Fugitive Slave Act 

 Internal Improvements
1850's Transportation & Politics   
Missouri Compromise

Missouri Compromise : Overview | Africans in America:Missouri Compromise | Free Slave Soil Map |Missouri Compromise | Map | Missouri Compromise (original document) |

Industrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution | History of the Industrial Revolution |

Erie Canal

History of the Erie Canal | Erie Canal Online | The Erie Canal
Cotton GinEli Whitney and the Need for Invention | Inventor Profile | History of Cotton Gin |
Tariff of 1828Tariff of Abominations | Adams-Tariff of Abominations |
Andrew JacksonBiography of Andrew Jackson | Andrew Jackson | Andrew Jackson : 7th President
 Abolitionists. Links to individual Abolitionists and freed slaves including Samuel May, David Walker, Harriet May, and Harriet Jacobs  PBS.
AbolitionistsInfluence of Abolitionists | Abolitionists | The Abolitionists | Slavery and Abolitionists | Abolition Movement | Civil Rights : Abolitionist
 American History: Abolishing slavery in America.   Experience life aboard the Amistad during the slave revolt.  Additional sections on life on a plantation, the Underground Railroad, Harriet Beecher Stowe.  United Streaming video.  Password required.
SectionalismTimeline | Sectionalism Overview | Sectionalism
Compromise of 1850

Compromise of 1850 | Original Manuscript | Compromise of 1850|
Compromise of 1850 |

The Kansas-Nebraska ActKansas-Nebraska Act |Original document | Kansas-Nebraska Act |
Bleeding KansasBleeding Kansas | Bleeding Kansas | Gallery: Bleeding Kansas |Bleeding Kansas
John Brown Main NarrativeSlave Life in Georgia : A Narrative of the Life, Sufferings and Escape of John Brown
John BrownJohn Brown Homepage | John Brown's Holy War | John Brown
Nat TurnerConfessions of Nat Turner | Nat Turner's Rebellion | Slave Revolt
 Africans in America
Africans in America .  Based on the PBS documentary which examines the impact of slavery in America.
The Dred Scott decisionDred Scott Case | Dred Scott Decision | Dred Scott:Introduction |
Dred Scott's fight for freedom
The Liberator: William Lloyd Garrison

 The Liberator Files | William Lloyd Garrison
The Liberator: "To the Public"
William Lloyd Garrison

 States' Rights
States' Rights
 Uncle Tom's Cabin:  Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture

American Reviews of Uncle Tom's Cabin
fantastic site with primary source reviews of the book

 Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad - History of Slavery, Pictures, Information

How to Trace the Underground Railroad

 Civil War The Civil War.  Includes nearly 40 BIOGRAPHIES of individuals during the war period.  Website based on the PBS documentary.PBS.
 The War Years.  Thorough review of war strategies and significant battles of the Civil War.  United Streaming.  Password required.
The Civil War CollectionCollection of Primary Sources | Civil War Photographs | Map Collection
TimelineTimeline of Civil War | Timeline | People, Places, Events |
Civil WarAmerican Civil War Homepage | Index of Internet Resources
  America's Story from America's Library
 Reconstruction Reconstruction and its aftermath
  A Timeline for Reconstruction
  Reconstruction: Confederate Military History.   “A Southern view of Southerners.”
  Reconstruction: African-American History. 
 Reconstruction: the Second Civil War.     Comprhensive look at Reconstruction efforts .  Includes video, primary sources.  PBS.
 Reconstruction.   Ten video segments review President Johnson's reconstruction efforts, the political and economic challenges to reconstruction, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.  United Streaming video.  Password required.
General History

Use keywords to search within
these websites
 America's Story.   An easy to read timeline highlights major eras in U.S. History.  Each era has dozens of related stories and links.  A Library of Congress site.
  Avalon Project : Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy.  Full text of original documents from the 17th century to the present.   Includes papers of presidents , a major historical figures, and major historical events.   A Yale University project.
  Our Documents.   A digital collection of the most significant “100 milestone documents” in United States history.  Digital images of the original documents, and a description of its importance.    National Archives and Record  Administration. .  PBS has detailed footage and related websites on many dimensions of U.S. History.  Search within this site for award winning content related to your interest in history.  Public Broadcasting System.
   Digital History Timeline.   Select any date on the interactive timeline and the map will show the locations of significant social, political and cultural events.  Rollover or click on the symbols to get additional detail.  One of the most comprehensive sources of historical information and interpretation.     A collaboration between the National Park Service and historical and educational institutions.

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