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Renaissance People



Start your exploration of Renaissance People by using the general sources below
or go directly to your topic by clicking on one of the links in the table below.

General Renaissance Sources

  The word "renaissance" was used for the first time by Vasari in his book "Vite" in 1550.
  Translated from the French, it means "rebirth," and has come to refer to the period between
  the mid-late 14th  century and the second half of the 16th century, when there was a renewed  interest and
passion for  the cultural and artistic life.

The Renaissance is rich with individuals   who exemplified the learning,  knowledge, imagination, talent, skills, courage, and power for  which the era is known. Questing to  restore the ancient, discover and create anew, they led  the "rebirth" that   became known as the Renaissance. Even today we refer to someone with  diverse talents as a Renaissance man or woman.

  Art and History of Florence Diverse links

  The Renaissance: a definition

 Links for the following Renaissance people are included in the table below:
Elizabeth I, Botticelli,  Miguel de Cervantes,
Galileo, Gutenberg, Henry VIII, Henry VIII, Pope Julius II, Shakespeare, 
and Leonardo da Vinci.

For additional Renaissance people see the links at the bottom of the page.


Pope Julius II

Julius II: A biography

Pope Julius II: A Who2 Profile

Pope Julius II from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Miguel de Cervantes

Cervantes in Cyberspain

Miguel de Cervantes - Biography and Works

Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616) Life and Portrait

The Cervantes Project

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci From the WebMuseum

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vnci's Life

Leonardo Home Page by the Museum of Science

Leonardo da Vinci - The Man and the Inventor

The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci

1500 AD Leonardo da Vinci's Mechanical Calculator
150 years before Blaise Pascal's Arithmetic Machine.

Elizabeth I

Biography of Queen Elizabeth I from

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I: Biography, Portraits, Primary Sources

Elizabeth I: A Newberry Library Exhibit

Catherine de Medici

Catherine de Medici - Background

Catherine de Medici: biography from King's College

Catherine de Medici


The Galileo Project

Galileo: This site is provided by NASA.

Galileo: Biography from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Galileo Galilei - Astronomy Rebel with a Cause

Galileo's Battle for the Heavens - PBS

Galileo - Chronology of His Life


Michelangelo Buonarroti: a Comprehensive Biography

Michelangelo: A Biography from Microsoft Encarta

Michelangelo: includes links to Sistine Chapel images and background.

Michelangelo: A Biography from Web Gallery of Art including links to specific works.


Gutenberg: biography from Catholic Encyclopedia.

Gutenberg's Printing Press

Gutenberg Bible

Johann Gutenberg: Online Exhibition


Raphael: A Biography - from Web Gallery of Art

Raphael from Webmuseum

Raphael: A Biography including images of artwork.

Raphael from and image list

Henry VIII

Henry VIII - Monarch of England

Henry VIII - Biography, Portraits, Primary Sources

Six Wives of Henry VIII

Henry VIII - Biography from Catholic Encyclopedia


William Shakespeare - Biography and Works
from the Literature Network

William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon
Brief History, Times and References

William Shakespeare's Life and Times

The Life of Mr. William Shakespeare

Shakespeare Resource Center - Encapsulated Biography

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