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Ancient Rome

I. Architecture and Engineering

A. Engineering Achievements: Aqueducts, Bridges, and the Colosseum

Roman Aqueducts
Secrets of a Lost Empire - the Roman Baths -from NOVA
Watering Ancient Rome
Roads and Aqueducts
Ancient Roman Constructions -includes information on bridges, the Colosseum and more
The Colosseum

B. Public Baths, Plumbing and Sewage Systems

The Role of Public Baths
A Day at the Baths
The History of Plumbing

C. Roman Roads,Forum and the design of a Roman Town
How Roman Roads were Built
Roman Building
Ancient Roman Forum
The Roman Forum
Design of a Roman Home
The Roman House


II. Daily Life and Entertainment

A. Roman Schooling, Education and Children
Elementary Schools in Ancient Rome

Daily Roman Life

B. Roman Families and Gender Roles
Ancient Roman Women
The Ancient Roman Woman
Life in Roman Times - PBS site

C. Food and Meals
Roman Food
Real Roman Recipes

D. Roman Clothing and Jewelry/Accessories
Roman Clothing and Accessories
Roman Clothing
Ancient Roman Clothing
Roman Makeup
Roman Clothing - Women

E. Social Classes
The Social Order
The Daily Life in Rome
Ancient Roman Clothing - social classes differences

F. Sports and Entertainment
Roman Ball Games
Roman Board Games
History of the Ludi
Roman Theatre
Roman Ampitheatre

G. Gladiators
 Roman Gladiators - Online Treasure Hunt Adventure
Types of Gladiators
The Gladiator

H. Religion
Roman Religion

III. Politics and Military

A. Soldiers, weapons and the Punic Wars
The Roman Army
The Roman Army
The Punic Wars
The Punic Wars

B. Julius Caesar and the Fall of the Roman Republic
Julius Caesar
Fall of the Roman Republic

C. Constantine and Christianity in Rome
Constantine the Great

D. Hadrian and Nero
Hadrian the Emperor

E. Octavian/Augustus and the Pax Romana
Augustus and the Early Roman Empire
Pax Romana
Augustus Caesar and the Pax Romana

F. Spartacus and Slavery in Rome
Spartacus and Decline of Slavery in Rome
Slavery in Ancient Rome

G. Roman Law and the Twelve Tables
The Law of the Twelve Tables
TheTwelve Tables
Roman Law

Sources compiled on 5/25/04 by F. Kompar and updated on 5/30/2006.

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