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Unsolved Mysteries

Ancient Pompeii

Easter Island


Ice man

Tollund, Bog People

Cave Art/ Lascaux Caves

The Ice Maiden

Ancient Pyramids

Passage Tomb

Ancient Pompeii 




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Destruction of Pompeii, 79 A.D. - Provides an up close look at the destruction of the city of Pompeii. From here you can read about an eyewitness account provided by Pliny, a Roman poet.

An Unguided Tour of Pompeii - Includes an interactive map.

Unraveling Ancient Mysteries: Pompeii - from Harcourt School Publishers.

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii
(login: easternmiddle, password: research)

The Pompeii Forum Project: Images - A wonderful collection of images.

Pompeii Images


Easter Island







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Easter Island - The story of Eastern Island and controversies. A great resource.

Easter Island Home Page -

Secrets of Lost Empires: Easter Island - A special program from NOVA.

Map of the Easter Island

The Mystery of Easter Island

Easter Island Moai Coloring Page





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Earth Mysteries: Stonehenge

Stonehenge - The Healing Stones

Secrets of the Lost Empire - Stonehenge

Stone Circle suggests Stonehenge Part of Burial Complex

Stonehenge Settlement Found:  Builders' Homes, "Cult Houses"

Stonehenge - Mysteries of History - U.S. News Online

'Second Stonehenge' discovered near original

Archaeologists marvel over mini-Stonehenge

Tollund, Bog People




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The Bog Page

Bodies of the Bogs -

Clothing and Styles of the Bog People

Bog Mummies

Tollund Man

Tollund Man

Cave Art/Lascaux Caves

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The Cave of Lascaux 
Offers an insiders view of what thecave paintings looked like. Click on "Learn" to see pictures of the cave and to learn what they mean.

The paleolithic painted cave of Lascaux

Location of Lascaux - A map w/ the location of Lascaux

The Lascaux Caves

The Cave of Lascaux

The Ice Maiden




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Juanita the Ice Maiden

The Secrets of the Incas  -- Go on a virtual expedition to discover the ice
maiden and find out her age, health and cause of death through a virtual autopsy.

Incan Mummies

Ice Mummies of the World 

Ancient Pyramids

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Nova Online/Pyramid Story

More from Nova
The Egyptian Pyramids

Pyramids and Temples Menu

Newgrange Megalitic
Passage Tomb

Sacred Places:  Newgrange, Ireland

New Grange

Pictures of New Grange

Newgrange Megalithic Passage Tomb - Ireland

Ireland: Light, Body and Soul - Newgrange

The Archaeology of Ancient Ireland

Pictures of Newgrange - Ireland

Petroglyph Gallery - ancient art from Newgran...

The Newgrange Passage Tomb

The Ice Man

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The Iceman's Last Meal

The Iceman of 3000 B.C.

Ice Mummies: Return of the Iceman

The Iceman Reconsidered

The Iceman

The Man in the Ice  -  See what was found with the ice man.

Mummies of the World

Did "Iceman" Of Alps Die as Human Sacrifice?

Who Was the Iceman?
(login: easternmiddle, password: research)

Living the Life of Otzi
(login: easternmiddle, password: research)



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