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Superintendent's Message

Innovation Lab: Deep Learning In and For the Real World

A Message from the Superintendent on GHS’s Pioneering Program

February 1, 2015

As is often stated, the world our students will encounter upon high school graduation is rapidly changing, requiring individuals who are intellectually rigorous, socially and emotionally wise, civically dedicated and highly flexible. To prepare students for their exciting and challenging future, all schools—in Greenwich and beyond—must explore and create new ways to help students become lifelong learners and problem solvers. 

As Superintendent of Schools, I am proud to support Greenwich High School’s cutting-edge approach to creating a new and compelling learning experience. We all work differently, excelling in some environments better than others. Thanks to a generous grant from the Greenwich Alliance for Education, five Greenwich High School teachers have been released part-time from their teaching duties to develop Innovation Lab, a new teaching and learning environment.   The interdisciplinary team designing Innovation Lab is comprised of Kyaiera Mistretta (English), Sarah Goldin (Science), Brian Walach (Math & Social Studies), Christina Shaw (Assistant Dean and Social Studies) and Michael Belanger (Social Studies).

Innovation Lab is a program within GHS that will provide a flexible and personalized learning environment devoted to fostering creativity, curiosity, and purpose. 2015-2016 is the inaugural school year for the Innovation Lab, open to rising sophomores, who will have the option to continue in the program through graduation. (New sophomore class students will be added in each successive year.) Teachers will blend core disciplines in a project-based approach, encouraging students to explore their interests and harness their innovative potential. All GHS graduation requirements and state standards will be addressed. A critical goal of Innovation Lab is to disseminate the ideas and practices it proves effective throughout GHS. 

I applaud Headmaster Chris Winters for his leadership and our path-forging teachers for their creativity and dedication. Bolstered by philanthropic help, they are striving to develop the best ways to help GHS students achieve their goals and aspirations.   

To find out more about Innovation Lab, visit http://ghsinnovationlab.com/


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