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Superintendent's Message

A Strategic Plan is Born

William S. McKersie, Ph.D.

May 9, 2016


Strategic planning is prominent in the dreams, lexicon and practices of organizations across the world.  Visions and missions--tied to strategies, tactics, goals, objectives and action plans--ultimately gauged by targets and metrics, are widely considered the means to optimize organizational health and fidelity of operations.  Developing a strategic plan requires intensive planning--yes, planning to plan--and the wide involvement of people central to driving the plan and representatives of those deemed the primary beneficiaries.  The resulting strategic plan should not be a “shelf piece,” as the watch-phrase warns, but a living, flexible document able to guide decision making on known, anticipated challenges as well as sudden, unanticipated occurrences.  In short, strategic plans are not sought by the faint-hearted or those lacking intellectual and physical fortitude.

Greenwich has launched its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, Personalizing Learning...Driving Student Academic, Personal and Interpersonal Growth.  The new plan is the product of the Board of Education, administrators, teachers, parents, and community members, guided by the Public Consulting Group (Boston, MA). In development the past year, the plan is ready for prime-time communications.  Director of Communications Kim Eves, joined by Board Member Debbie Appelbaum, have developed a communications plan and digital materials, which now are being disseminated.

Let me devote the rest of this essay to the words, pictures and graphics beautifully assembled to showcase the Strategic Plan.  Below is an excerpt from the just completed digital brochure, followed by a link to the actual (virtual) document.  Greenwich is on an organized march towards Personalized Learning to foster academic, personal and interpersonal growth in all our students.

Read on!


The Greenwich Public Schools (GPS) 2015-2020 Strategic Plan is designed to drive academic, personal and interpersonal growth by providing personalized learning opportunities for each student. Personalized learning provides customized learning paths, anchored in a standards-based curriculum, for each student, giving them meaningful choice in their learning options based on individual strengths, needs, and interests.

The Strategic Plan is organized in support of achieving three Strategic Goals established by the Board of Education in June 2015 to ensure academic, personal and interpersonal growth. Subsequently, GPS administration developed crosscutting strategies and action plans for achieving each of the goals. In summary, the strategies are designed to…

  • Provide individual access to digital and traditional resources
  • Create effective management and progress-monitoring structures
  • Provide access to standards-based, rigorous and relevant curriculum
  • Provide professional learning and expand instructional expectations for teaching and learning in a digital learning environment
  • Establish a comprehensive social-emotional learning program
  • Establish standards for parent and community engagement
  • Implement an information and data management system

…which specifically support personalized learning.

Please explore this brochure and our website to learn more about the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. The Board of Education and District Administration would like to take this opportunity to thank the many voices of the Greenwich community that contributed to the development of the Strategic Plan. We heard from public and independent school parents, GPS administration, teachers and staff, students, and community organizations and businesses. We received valuable insights about areas of strength upon which to build as well as areas of focus for improvement. These insights have been incorporated into the 2015-2020 Greenwich Public Schools Strategic Plan.





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