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GPS Bell Times for 2017-2018 Have Been Finalized

GPS Superintendent Sal Corda announced that bell times for all schools have been finalized and that the current start and dismissal times for the District's 11 elementary schools and the preschool program will not change next year.

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The health office is still missing many current sixth grade physicals which are required by the State of CT and parents have received multiple reminders from Nurse Lucas since last May. Also, parents of children who are missing mandatory immunizations that must be done prior to the first day of seventh grade have also received letters from Mr Mayo and Nurse Lucas. Those letters were mailed last week. PLEASE do not wait until the last minute to have these immunizations completed and to provide proof of vaccination to the Nurse's office.
As always, keep a copy of everything that you send in. Call or email Nurse Lucas ( to let her know when you will take care of this important requirement. Remember, your child cannot move onto the seventh grade without this necessary medical information.
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