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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Dr. Jill Gildea with a female student

When a community’s culture is cohesive in its value that our children’s overall well-being is central to our lives and our work, decision making is straightforward. In recognizing that excellent schools support overall well-being of our community's children, people contribute their efforts toward a common destiny, rallying around shared values that give meaning to education and to lives.

Without this value, the culture of any school becomes fragmented and unravels the fabric that gives meaning to the process of learning and teaching.

When cultures are fragmented and divided in their view of the role of education, people just “do their jobs,” worry about all the superfluous items that get in the way of one shared vision, and spend their time struggling for power. Decision making becomes muddled.

Excellence in our schools is celebrated in the sense that the benefit of the child -- academically, socially, physically, and emotionally -- is that which we value most as education’s essential role.  Schools must exist primarily, centrally, and unremittingly for the benefit of children.  

Without this central theme clearly articulated and highly valued, education’s role becomes hazy and ill-defined.

In communicating and sharing education’s primary role of child-centeredness, we will continually look inside our school and district. Meaningless practices that deviate from a learner-centered mindset will be analyzed and changed.

Emerging visions, dreams, and hopes that benefit our students with be articulated and celebrated.  

This vision of excellence is accomplished when our emphasis is not so much on “doing things right” only because rules, regulations, mandates, and policies are imposed on us, but rather on “doing right things” because the culture of our school places the benefit of the child as the primary, central, and unremitting role of education in our community.  

Our philosophy is one centered on student success, growth and accomplishments which are nurtured and celebrated through the PK-12 years. It is one of creating a caring culture that is focused on student achievement, staff success and embraces community engagement and involvement within our schools. Each reader and resident is central to the fabric of our community and our schools as we work in concert to realize our aspirational vision of excellence in education.

Thank you for an incredible end to 2017,

Dr. Jill Gildea

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