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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent Dr. Jill Gildea with a female student

Superintendent’s Message for October 2017

Our focus as a school district is to place students at the center of all that we do.  Our district commitment is to set the conditions for all students to experience learning as relevant and meaningful to the real world.

What is essential for every child to succeed?

  1. Early Education - Community organizations have partnered with Greenwich Public Schools to support students early on in their development to assist students academically and socially.  When students acquire language, literacy, and numeracy skills earlier, they are better positioned for future success in school.  We have 13 sections of early learning preschool throughout the district. As we work with community partners and parents to expand early learning for our youngest students, we collectively are able to close the achievement gap.
  2. Personalized Learning - As a district, we are shifting our focus from a one-size fits all classroom to building personal learning pathways for every student based on their unique strengths, interests and needs. In a learner-centric model, all components are designed for the education experience be adaptable to needs and potential of each learner and supports the highest possible outcomes for each and every learner.

The components most closely aligned to a learner-centered paradigm include:

  • Proficiency-based progression including a range of learning environments
  • Experiences that enable learners to develop their knowledge, skills, and dispositions in a relevant and contextualized manner
  • Learners are embedded in a network of stable and supportive relationships with adults and are encouraged to learn through self-directed discovery, with their peers, and with the guidance of adults

Through the 2017/2018 school year, Greenwich Public Schools will focus on its compelling Strategic Goals for academic, personal and interpersonal growth.

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