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Principal's Message

Dear CMS Families,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! I am pleased to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the initial step in building meaningful relationships with each and every one of you.

While this is my first year as the Central building principal, this is, in fact, not my first year at the school: as it so happens, I was a member of the introductory class of 6th graders at CMS when the district shifted from the junior high school to the middle school model. Reflecting on sixth-grader me, who had no idea that his career path would bring him back to CMS in this capacity, I am constantly amazed by how life unfolds and how the paths we take lead us to our current destinations. Now, logically, I could pause here as I compose this letter to delve into my resume and provide you with the extraordinarily exciting Indiana Jones-esque adventures and anecdotes that paved my way to this point! In all of a Principal’s seriousness though, I am instead looking forward to organizing opportunities to meet all of you in person where I can describe how my experiences have built my commitment and shaped my passion for education. Additionally, knowing this unique, exceptional town as well as I do, and in recognition that my career experience exists entirely within the Greenwich Public School system, I am hoping that each of you has begun doing your homework and most likely found someone who has something to say about me -- all positive, of course!

The real purpose of this letter is to share my enthusiasm for meeting your children for the first time and supporting each of them in achieving optimal growth, academically, socially and emotionally, to ensure they reach their full potential. As I stated in my interviews for this position, teaching and learning is a human endeavor; therefore, the connections we make to each other are paramount to the success of the school, and most importantly, our kids. As a result, one of my goals for the year is to get to know all of the CMS families and develop a level of engagement between you and the school that will foster a supportive environment allowing for our children to thrive. Within the school building, we will focus our energy and professional development on facilitating the acquisition of a core body of knowledge and the essential personal and interpersonal skills (all set forth in the Vision of the Graduate) in all of our students. As I have come to learn, through my own personal experience as well as my time at Western Middle School over the past three years, grades six through eight can be a challenging time in the life of an adolescent, not to mention a parent’s! However, it can also extremely rewarding. There is so much for our children to learn, and as we know, the best lessons are often the consequence of mistakes. Learning, maturing, coping and demonstrating resiliency are integral aspects of achieving success throughout life, and these middle school years will set the foundation for every student’s future. I take that responsibility very seriously and feel privileged to serve in such a vital role in your children’s lives.

As I have come to learn in the past week, CMS has a rich tradition of activities and opportunities to celebrate and support the development of the student body. I am eager to become a part of that tradition and also to contribute by bringing some of my own style and experience to the school community. The 2016-2017 school year at Central is going to be fantastic!

Please be on the lookout for future communications from me regarding back to school logistics, along with information about those aforementioned opportunities to meet me in person so I can share more about who I am and how I got here. Below are a few dates that are already set and will answer some of your initial questions. Enjoy the last week and half of summer vacation and I look forward to seeing those smiling faces on the first day of school!



Photo of Tom Healy, Principal

Thomas Healy, Principal